Kepware Licensing Procedures

KEPServerEX v5, LinkMaster v3, and RedundancyMaster v2 Licensing Procedures

Activating a Software License

The following process is required for activating a software license.
  1. Open the License Utility on the Host Machine
    Start|Programs|Kepware|KEPServerEX 5|
    License|License Utility (default installation path)

  2. Select "Manage Software Licenses"
    Click Next to continue.

  3. Select "Activate a Product."
    Click Next to continue.

  4. In Create Activation Request File, enter the Activation ID, which is provided by Kepware with a purchased product. Then, click Save to File...

  5. Save the Request File

    The License Utility will then display a file-browse dialog, allowing you to save the generated request file, "activation_request.txt." Save the file, making note of its location. It will be sent to Kepware in the next step.

    Important: An internet connection is required to activate a license. If the computer that the activated license will run on does not have internet access, users must copy the activation request file to a computer that does in order to login to the web-based license portal (and generate the activation response file).
  6. Launch the License Management Tools
    In an internet browser, navigate to This will bring you to the My Kepware Portal. Returning users will be prompted to enter login information, whereas first users must create a My Kepware Account to continue.

  7. Enter Registration and Activation Information
    Once logged in, select Product Registration and Activation under the License Management Tools. Enter the registration and activation ID information, and then browse for the Activation Request File that was previously saved. Upload the request file and then click OK.

  8. Save the Activation Response File
    You will provided with a link to download an activation response file called "response.txt" from Kepware. Save this file to the Host Machine and then return to the Manage Software License Activation dialog in the License Utility.

  9. Browse for the Activation Response File
    Next, click the Import File button. Browse to and select the downloaded activation response file. Then, click the Open button at which point the response file will be processed.

  10. Restart Runtime Service: The runtime service should be restarted after activating a license to prevent the license from continuing to run in Demo mode.

    Note: On successful activation, the View Licenses Page will be displayed listing the activated products.