Kepware Awards and Quotes

Kepware genuine OPC & embedded communication software products have been talked about, raved about, reviewed, tested, and won awards. This Awards and Quotes page is where we bring it all to you, showing you what we have won and who is talking about us, and what they have to say.

Kepware Awards

"First Team" Supplier in AutomationWorld's Leadership in Automation Program 2011
Kepware Honored as a "First Team" Supplier in AutomationWorld's Leadership in Automation Program 2011

Kepware Technologies, the leader in Communications for Automation, announced today that it has been honored by the readers of AutomationWorld magazine as a 2011 "First Team" supplier in the magazine's Leadership in Automation 2011 program. Kepware was chosen among several entrants as the top supplier in the Information Management category.
Finance Authority of Maine
Kepware wins Finance Authority of Maine Award

FAME announces Kepware Technologies as the "Business at Work for Maine Award" recipient. The award is given to an outstanding Maine business that has enjoyed success and helped the Maine economy by creating and/or retaining jobs.
2011 Best Places to Work in Maine
Kepware Technologies is named one of the 2011 Best Places to Work in Maine

Kepware Technologies was recently named as one of the 2011 Best Places to Work in Maine. The awards program was created in 2006 and is a project of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) — Maine State Council and Best Companies Group. Partners endorsing the program include: Employment Times, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Mainebiz.
Control Engineering - Engineers' Choice Awards 2011
Kepware Wins "Engineers Choice Award" 2 Years in a Row
KEPServerEX Wins Connectivity Category in Control Engineering's Annual Award

The "Engineers Choice" award winners are selected by many of Control Engineering's 86,000 subscribers. There were more than 100 product nominations from 65 companies. KEPServerEX is a flexible and scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Communications is managed through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards, propriety communication protocols, API's, and various automation systems' interfaces. KEPServerEX enables improved operations and decision making throughout all levels of an organization.


Kepware Wins Kinetic Process Innovation Awards for Manufacturing Automation
Kepware Wins "Kinetic Process Innovation Awards for Manufacturing Automation"
Communications automation technology at Gerdau Ameristeel

Kepware Technologies has been selected as winner of the 2011 Kinetic Process Innovation Awards for Manufacturing Automation for its KEPServerEX and LinkMaster installations at Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation. The awards program was founded by Kinetic Information LLC in 1996 and is sponsored by various technology publications. The 2011 awards, sponsored by High Tech Views, recognize innovation in the application of information technology. Awards focus on the business benefits user organizations derive from their technology systems. Winners are selected by a panel of experts consisting of independent professional consultants who are recognized authorities in their fields. The judging process is free of any vendor or other bias so the emphasis remains on the business benefits provided by each winning implementation.

Kepware Wins Engineers Choice Award - 2010

Kepware Wins "Engineers Choice Award"
KEPServerEX Wins Connectivity Category in Control Engineering's Annual Award

Kepware Technologies KEPServerEX product has been selected as winner of the Connectivity Category in the annual Control Engineering Magazine, "Engineers Choice" Awards. The "Engineers Choice" award winners are selected by close to 600 of Control Engineering's readership, those with hands-on experience solving real-world problems. A total of 95 new products competed in this year's award process. KEPServerEX was chosen as first in its category. KEPServerEX delivers a one server architecture with over 140 communication protocols to choose from, and client connectivity including standards - OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC UA (New) and native interfaces for Oracle, Wonderware (Invensys) and GE Intelligent Platforms.
Business of Year Award - Portland, Maine 2009

Business of Year Award - Portland, Maine 2009

Kepware Technologies received the City of Portland, Maine's 2009 Business of Year Award. Corson Ellis, the CEO, started Kepware in 1995, and Kepware is now considered the world leader in communication software for automation with a national and international clientele, including Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Rockwell Automation and Oracle. Kepware expects to grow its employment level to 80 people within the next two years. Kepware Technologies also recently established the Kepware scholarship in Electrical Engineering at University of Maine, Orono.
Invensys Partner Achievement Award
Kepware Awarded Invensys "Partner Achievement Award"

Kepware is the highest level, "Endorsed" partner of Wonderware. Kepware products are
sold by Wonderware and branded as "KEPServer for Wonderware." This relationship has been very successful and in 2009, Kepware was one of only two partners to receive their "Partner Achievement" Award.
Kepware Awarded Maine Technology Company of the Year
Kepware Awarded Maine "Technology Company of the Year"

Kepware Technologies has been awarded the prestigious "Governor's Award for Technology Company of the Year", by the Technology Association of Maine (TechMaine). The announcement was made at the 2009 Technology Awards Gala held in Portland, Maine. This award is presented to an outstanding company that, beyond offering a specific innovation or achievement, contributes significantly to Maine's reputation as a cutting-edge technology state.
Amcor - Managing Automation Technology Partner Award
Kepware Technologies Customer Amcor PET Honored as a Managing Automation 2009 Progressive Manufacturer

Kepware Technologies customer, Amcor PET, was selected as a winner of the fifth annual Progressive Manufacturing 100 (PM100) Awards for its project to streamline communications among their plant floor equipment and between geographically diverse manufacturing plants and the corporate office using Kepware Technologies' solutions.

Managing Automation Media, a Thomas Publishing Company, LLC publication selected the nominees, and an independent judging panel chaired by Managing Automation Media editor-in-chief David R. Brousell reviewed the nominations.
Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award
Control Engineering Award

KEPServerEX was one of over 150 products to compete in this year's survey and leads all other products in the category of Network Software and Diagnostics. The latest generation of Kepware's technology, KEPServerEX, was designed to allow users to quickly setup communications from equipment to control systems via a wide range of available "plug-in" device drivers and components. KEPServerEX delivers over 130 Protocols and connectivity to 1000s of devices. In addition, KEPServerEX delivers support for both industry leading native interfaces and OPC, the Open Connectivity Standard in the automation industry.
OPC Training Institute 5 Star Product Rating Award
OPC Training Institute 5 Star Product Rating Award

KEPServerEX is a 32 bit server application from Kepware, and is the most widely OEMed product in the automation industry. You can use this server instead of traditional old-style proprietary drivers for bringing data and information from a wide range of industrial devices and systems into client applications on your Windows PC. KEPServerX is built using the latest OPC standards from the OPC Foundation and is a very good choice for anyone looking to expose their plant and manufacturing data to other PC applications. The KEPServerEX is also a great choice for those who are using existing OPC drivers but find they are limited in what they can do with them, for example, sharing data with 3rd party applications.
Certified for Compliance with OPC Foundation
KEPServerEX Passes New OPC Certification with Ease

KEPServerEX communications solution has passed the latest OPC certifications tests administered by the OPC Foundation independent test laboratory. KEPServerEX has been OPC compliant based on self certification guidelines. In February of 2008, the OPC Foundation introduced a new level of compliance testing administered through an authorized and independent test lab in Germany. Kepware submitted its current product for testing and won certification without alteration.
Managing Automation Technology Partner Award
Kepware is Named as Technology Partner for Itron Inc., a Winner of Managing Automation's 2008 Progressive Manufacturing 50 Award

Kepware Technologies was selected as a technology partner for Itron Inc., a winner of the fourth annual Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards, presented by Managing Automation, a Thomas Publishing Company, LLC media brand.

The Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards Program recognizes 50 projects that have leveraged technology to create business value in at least one of the eight core disciplines defined by Managing Automation as critical to business success in the years ahead.

Quotes Quotes - What People are Saying About Kepware

"By connecting with Kepware, APC brings customers an end-to-end view of all critical infrastructure in the data center from rack to row to room to building, Kepware pioneered and has significantly improved Industrial SNMP technology. Their adherence to industry standards for interoperability ensures our products will connect to our own software as well as third party solutions that may already be in place."

- Dave Guidette
Senior Vice President, Enterprise System and Service - APC

"Kepware is a very unique partner, first, they offer excellent technology. Kepware meets the needs of today, but will also work with us on any future requirements. But more importantly, Kepware is virtually the standard for automation connectivity and our relationship with Kepware will ensure that all their OEM relationships can deliver proven Moxa connectivity. This is as much or more of a marketing opportunity as it is a Moxa reseller opportunity."

- Jeff Disbrow
Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Moxa

"We offer a variety of modules which are purpose built for specific tasks, this is our first module designed as a "Universal Gateway," and we are seeing a great deal of interest in its capabilities. Kepware has been an excellent partner in the process of developing this product."

- Ron Monday
President of Online Development Corp

"Kepware offers a strong value proposition. Scale connectivity to peripheral devices and higher level systems has been a traditional strength of our weighing terminals, however a relationship with Kepware extends that capability by delivering a market leading, certified, OPC communication solution - tested and validated with virtually all leading automation solutions on the market today. This collaborative relationship with Kepware helps allow Mettler Toledo customers to integrate weighing data via OPC into a broad variety of industrial automation systems".

- Felix Klebe
Strategic Product Group Leader

"Kepware's communications are exceptional, they offer a high quality product and we see that customers have grown to trust communications from Kepware. We can simply state - "Connectivity provided by Kepware" and move on to other discussion items."

- Scott Burns
CTO of SeQent

"Software Toolbox is Kepware's largest reseller. We brand label KEPServerEX as our TOP Server product offering, we are an early adopter of KEPServerEX version 5, and have been working with it for months now. Our version of TOP Server will be available simultaneously with Kepware's release and we are excited to deliver this new product to our customers."

- John Weber
President of Software Toolbox

"Kepware's communication drivers are exceptional, we are looking forward to using their broad array of drivers with our products to expand our available market with a proven end to end solution. While referencing third party drivers is always an option, the relationship with Kepware enables us to deliver a broad set of connectivity for our customers and completely eliminates their interoperability concerns."

- Ms. Gila Ben Binyamin
CTO, R&D Manager for AFCON

"The wide range of solutions all contained within the KEPserverEX, the ability to community directly with our Wonderware Suitelink Protocol, excellent technical support and flexibility were all part of our decision in our choice of Kepware for OPC connectivity solutions."

- Bob Cooper
Corporate Manager of Controls Engineering for Amcor PET

"We need a partner that will work closely with us in the support of various Windows CE and Embedded target hardware platforms. Kepware has many years of experience in this area will help us provide a very powerful offering for many of our OEMs."

- Russ Agrusa
President and CEO of ICONICS Corporation

"Kepware is a world leader in communication solutions for third party hardware products and their reputation for quality and support is excellent. We use Kepware communications for third party connectivity in many of Rockwell Automation products and we are proud to include them in our Encompass Global program."

- Bruce Fuller
Director for Rockwell Automation

"We needed a partner that had an impeccable reputation for plant floor connectivity and that could take the issue of communications off the table as we focus on the sale of our RedHawk solution. Kepware delivers on both fronts. Once our customers hear that we are delivering Kepware communications, we just move on to the next discussion topic."

- Troy Dunsirn
President of Operon Systems

"Dealing with multiple generations of automation products is an issue that affects all manufacturers. This creates a big challenge to find a way to not only provide interoperability between plant floor and enterprise, but also to provide a link between multiple generations of legacy automation products, which ARC refers to as 'linking the legacy'. Kepware's version 4.5 of their KEPServerEX communications solution for automation appears to be designed to bridge the integration gap between legacy and state-of-the-art automation products, along with leveraging their extensive experience and installed base to enable interoperability between the multiple varieties of products that coexist on the plant floor."

- Craig Resnick
Senior Analyst for ARC Advisory Group

"There is no doubt that Kepware is the leading supplier of OPC technology in the world, They deliver OPC Products to end users, on desktops under private label agreements and embedded in panel products, enabling device connectivity with Windows CE based panel products. It is my goal to see OPC become the Plug and Play interoperability standard for all markets dealing with real-time, message and history data transfer. Kepware is the right choice for OEMs that want proven OPC Interoperability and a partner that will manage it for them."

-Thomas Burke
President of the OPC Foundation

"Kepware is clearly the leader in device communications and a partnership with Kepware guarantees Yokogawa will have proven connectivity to virtually every software application on the market. Kepware is a great partner and our joint efforts will ensure our customers can integrate our controllers, recorders and data acquisition products into any automation infrastructure they may have in place."

-Russ Graybill
General Manager of Yokogawa America

"Kepware dominates the communications world with their sales to end users and through software OEM relationships. Offering proven connectivity between our products and KEPServerEX is the best way for Specter Instruments to deliver connectivity to the broadest range of devices possible. Kepware's reputation for quality and support in the market is exceptional."

-Frank Grygier
VP Sales for Specter Instruments

"Kepware is the leader in communications and we are confident they are the right partner to deliver our technology to the industry, We will have some exciting product announcements within weeks and look forward to this relationship, expanding our products and know how to Kepware's worldwide customers and channel partners"

- Dr. Walter Immler
Managing Director Operations of ConneXSoft

"It has been exceptionally easy to work with Kepware, and integrate their products with our cATM Appliance, This is an assembly of existing and proven technologies. We are expecting our first release to immediately find its way into automation systems world-wide. We plan to have this module available before the end of 2008."

- Ron Monday
President of Online Development Inc

"Kepware offers leading support for GE Fanuc hardware products today, and we look forward to working with them on GE Intelligent Platforms (GE Fanuc) protocols and leveraging their expertise with other protocols in the industry. This collaboration will deliver industry-leading communications, with a tight integration to GE Intelligent Platforms (GE Fanuc) HMI/SCADA solutions."

- Claire Cerrato
General Manager, Automation Software for GE Fanuc

"Through our work with Kepware, we are enabling our joint customers to connect Oracle Applications to virtually every piece of equipment on the plant floor," explains Jon Chorley, Oracle Vice President SCM Product Strategy. "This gives customers increased visibility, productivity and manufacturing efficiencies which are all critical components to staying ahead of the competition."

- Jon Chorley
Oracle Vice President SCM Product Strategy

"We spent a great deal of time evaluating Kepware and its products, there is no other company that we found that had the depth, breadth and reputation of Kepware in the automation communications space. Our relationship with Kepware, combined with the Wonderware software platform and support offerings, should deliver the best possible automation communications and user experience for our customers."

- Tim Sowell
Vice President of Solution and Partner Strategy at Wonderware

"Wonderware and Kepware both stand out as leaders in the industry and this relationship enables them to focus more of their energies delivering value to their customers in what they do best, device communications has been one of the most persistent problems in manufacturing automation and this is clearly better for their customers because it can enable less diversity and more support options. This sort of focus is especially important for helping customers evolve to OPC-UA, as well as keep up with other technologies."

- Craig Resnick
Senior Analyst for ARC Advisory Group

"Kepware is the leading supplier of OPC technology and it is only natural for us to incorporate their products as the foundation for all compliance activities," said Thomas Burke, President of the OPC Foundation. "As I have said in the past, Kepware really raises the bar with respect to developing and delivering quality products that end users are able to successfully use, truly being plug-and-play, and we hope, by using Kepware products as part of the compliance testing process, we can drive similar levels of quality in other OPC providers."

- Thomas Burke
President of the OPC Foundation

"OPC technology is about interoperability among multi-vendor products," commented Randy Kondor, President of the OPC Training Institute. "Our independent review of Kepware's KEPServerEX reinforces what our students experience in our hands-on training sessions, and that is, seamless data communication when using OPC. We know Kepware's products are heavily used in industry and so we weren't surprised when our independent test lab gave KEPServerEX a '5 Star' rating."

- Randy Kondor
President of the OPC Training Institute

"HP is pleased to add Kepware to the growing list of partners in our Data Center Solution Builder Program," said Steve Cumings, director, Scalable Datacenter Infrastructure, HP. "Controlling power and cooling costs is a key focus for our customers. The combination of Kepware's connectivity and automation technologies with HP DSC offers customers a powerful data center solution that can add savings to their bottom lines."

- Steve Cumings
Director, Scalable Data Infrastructure, HP Enterprise Servers & Storage, HP

"Kepware is the leading provider of third-party communications in our industry", says Bruce Fuller, business manager for Rockwell Automation. "We want our customers to have the very best connectivity from Rockwell Automation, utilizing FactoryTalk Gateway and Rockwell Software RSLinx for connectivity to Rockwell Automation devices and Kepware's KEPServerEX for non-Rockwell Automation devices. Our relationship with Kepware delivers just that, consistently and reliably, across our various platforms," he adds.

- Bruce Fuller
Business Manager - Rockwell Automation

"Plants and factories today are focusing their manufacturing attention on Collaborative Production Systems (CPS) that require proven connectivity solutions between a wide variety of third party devices" according to ARC Advisory Group Research Director Craig Resnick. "Rockwell Automation's customers require a high level of assurance regarding the integrity of their connectivity solutions. This is a significant factor in Rockwell Automation selecting a major player in the communications space such as Kepware to provide connectivity solutions based on their extensive field-tested experience and significant number of industry relationships".

- Craig Resnick
Research Director - ARC Advisory Group

"Kepware certainly deserves these accolades" says Thomas Burke, President of the OPC Foundation. "Their KEPServerEX product is the most widely used OPC solution in the market and their support for OPC is unmatched in the industry. Kepware's consistent dedication to designing and building the highest quality products, raises the bar for all the other vendors as Kepware consistently leads the industry, exceeds the end user's expectations, providing the best performance, quality and functional products. The OPC Foundation is very fortunate to have Kepware as a key member and active leader in the organization."

- Thomas Burke
President - OPC Foundation

"At Control Engineering, we're dedicated to providing our readers with information and insight into the latest technologies designed to enhance the day-to-day activities of their industrial operations," said Marc Moschetto, editorial director for Control Engineering magazine. "The Engineers' Choice Awards, however, enable our readers to highlight those which are poised to deliver the greatest impact to their business. Congratulations to Kepware for this outstanding recognition."

- Marc Moschetto
Editorial Director - Control Engineering Magazine

"Oracle continues to look for companies that can support our overall manufacturing strategy. We were impressed by what Kepware has to offer and expect Kepware to help expand our capabilities in the shop floor connectivity space," said Jon Chorley, Oracle Vice President SCM Product Strategy. "Kepware provides a combination of benefits including a wide range of protocols for device communications, product capabilities to handle complex data and a vast number of industry relationships that will benefit our joint customers."

- Jon Chorley
Oracle Vice President - SCM Product Strategy

"This relationship is enabling customers to leverage the full benefits of OPC as an open technology enabling connectivity within the automation marketplace" stated Thomas Burke, President of the OPC Foundation. "The combined solution will offer connectivity to virtually any plant floor data through the use of Kepware drivers, or their new OPC Client implementation. Kepware's additional support to create complex data, as part of this effort, will form the foundation for OPC-UA connectivity in the near future," he added.

- Thomas Burke
President - OPC Foundation

"The manufacturing performance and visibility market has emerged over the last several years from a few startup software suppliers focusing on OEE to a critical function that has attracting most enterprise and operations software suppliers explained Bob Mick, VP Emerging Technology, ARC Advisory Group. He continues, "Oracle has been building out their Operations Management functions and has reached the stage where they need out-of-the-box access to a broad range of operations information, including legacy systems, to be successful. A Kepware partnership provides immediate access to operations information, help with OPC related architecture, and a method for remaining current with new developments from automation and other suppliers moving forward."

- Bob Mick
VP Emerging Technology - ARC Advisory Group

"Since Kepware and Stratus are leading solution providers in the manufacturing space, our joint customers can now benefit from the reduced risk of fully tested joint solutions," said Frank Hill, Director Worldwide of Manufacturing Sales for Stratus.

- Frank Hill
Director Worldwide of Manufacturing Sales - Stratus

"To enable enterprise and plant floor computing to effectively converge, information systems that support manufacturing processes must be continuously available, in the same fashion that control systems are continuously available", according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. "This cannot be accomplished unless there are connectivity solutions between the enterprise and the plant floor that can support continuous availability. Having Stratus test and approve Kepware's KEPServerEX provides assurance to their manufacturing customers of the integrity of their connectivity solutions."

- Craig Resnick
Research Director - ARC Advisory Group

"Kepware is the leading provider of OPC and device communications in our industry", says Randy Kondor, President of the OPC Training Institute. "It's natural for us to select a widely used product within industry as our demonstration platform. Many of our clients already use Kepware products and so they have a head start when attending our courses. Those new to OPC can get their OPC projects started quickly simply by downloading Kepware products from Kepware's website. Kepware has been excellent to work with, delivering products and support as we need it around the world."

- Randy Kondor
President of the OPC Training Institute.

"Kepware and the OPC Training Institute are doing a wonderful job in proving the benefits of OPC technology and expanding adoption around the world," says Thomas Burke, President of the OPC Foundation. "Kepware is also an early adopter of OPC-UA technology and will play an important role in delivering our newest standards to the market. This relationship dramatically expands the reach of OPC and it should be beneficial to OPC users around the globe."

- Thomas Burke
President - OPC Foundation