Product Releases - 2015

Kepware is continually developing new products and enhancing old ones. We recognize product quality is a priority and we will not release a product until it has successfully passed all stages of our rigorous quality-control process.

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Current Release | February 24, 2015


Scheduler Plug-In

The Scheduler Plug-In for KEPServerEX enables users to move the scheduling of data requests from the client to the server to optimize client communications across networks with limited bandwidth. It can define polling schedules for specific tags from multiple devices by the time of day or frequency. The Scheduler Plug-In also allows users to define exceptions for periods of time when polling is undesirable. Each schedule can be configured with its own priority to determine which schedule is serviced first when a conflict arises; the server will update clients with data once it is available.
Local Historian

Local Historian Plug-In

The Local Historian Plug-In now supports OPC HDA processed read requests in addition to raw read requests. The processed read requests include interpolated and aggregates (Interpolative, Time Average, Total, Average, Minimum Actual Time, and Maximum Actual Time), which are used to shift the data computation load from the client to the historian server while minimizing the network load from each request.
EFM Suite

EFM Suite

The gas EFM exporter included in the EFM Suite for KEPServerEX has been updated to support gas data export to FLOWCAL Transaction Queue in addition to FLOWCAL CFX, PGAS (CSV), user-configurable CSV, and database (SQL and ODBC).

Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver

The Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver has been updated to support the SoftPLC device model and the extended address range offered in SoftPLC controllers (1-9999).