Allen-Bradley OPC Server Suite

Kepware's OPC Server KEPServerEX provides an easy and reliable way to connect to Allen-Bradley PLC and Motion Controllers to your OPC Client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications.

Device Connectivity - Supported Devices/Networks
MicroLogix Family including 1100
PLC-5 Family
SLC 500 Family
DH+ Gateway: PLC-5
Micro800 Series
Micro SoftPLC
ControlNet Gateway: PLC-5
ENI: CompactLogix
ENI: Controllogix
ENI: FlexLogix
ENI: MicroLogix
ENI: SLC 500 Fixed I/O
ENI: SLC 500 Modular I/O
Smart SoftPLC
Hardbook SoftPLC
*Partial List - Devices not listed may be supported; please contact a Kepware Account Manager for a complete up to date listing.

Features - For real world applications

Allen-Bradley OPC Server Suite Data Sheet (PDF)
ControlLogix Routing Examples
Logix Tag Database Generation (PDF)
Logix Protocol Options (PDF)
Built in performance statistics for project optimization (PDF)
RSLogix 5000 Project Correlation Detection
ControlLogix Configuration Tips (PDF)
Radio Modem Support (PDF)
Ethernet Encapsulation
In depth Help documentation
Project Optimization Tutorial
Addressing Descriptions with Examples
Comprehensive Routing Examples
Application Connectivity Support
OPC DA 1.0, 2.05a, 3.0, FastDDE & Suitelink for WonderWare
NIO Interface for GE Intelligent Platforms (GE Fanuc) iFIX
DDE Format CF_Text, DDE format Advanced DDE
OPC and Channel Diagnostics

Kepware's reliable and easy to use OPC Server allows for
coinciding communications with multiple protocol networks
including Allen-Bradley's DH+, DF1, Ethernet, and Ethernet/IP.
Part Number
Note: Support and Maintenance Agreements and Upgrade options are available for all Kepware software.
Allen Bradley OPC Server, DF1, DH+, Ethernet