Oil and Gas Server Suite for KEPServerEX OPC Server

Kepware's Oil and Gas product suite for KEPServerEX provides industry professionals with access to the world's leading communication software needed to monitor and control petroleum, natural gas, and pipeline process installations. Whether you are monitoring a process locally or a remote site hundreds of miles away, Kepware can help deliver lower costs and better efficiency. Our high reliability and ease of use ensure that Kepware software can be installed quickly and will operate flawlessly.

KEPServerEX's Single User Interface across all driver and driver suites establishes a communications buffer where additional features and plug-ins can be installed on an as needed basis, keeping Kepware's latest technologies and communication drivers at the tip of your fingers.

KEPServerEX is a versatile communication software server supporting a wide variety of client/server technologies including:
OPC Data Access Version 1.0a
OPC Data Access Version 2.0
OPC Data Access Version 2.05a
OPC Data Access Version 3.0
FastDDE for Wonderware
SuiteLink for Wonderware
DDE Format CF_Text
DDE Format AdvancedDDE
NIO Interface for iFIX
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
Oracle MES and MOC
*Partial List — Devices not listed may be supported; please contact a Kepware Account Manager for a complete up to date listing.


The Kepware Oil and Gas Suite:
Includes the following communication Drivers (which are also sold separately). Other Useful Kepware Products:
  • EFM Suite — Electronic Flow Measurement plug-in for exporting custody transfer files.
  • Industrial SNMP Driver — Driver to Monitor and Manage SNMP Managed Devices (Network Infrastructure, Bridges, Routers, UPS Systems, etc.).
  • Ping Driver — Driver to monitor basic PING compliant network devices (See IT & Infrastructure Suite).
  • System Monitor Driver — Driver to monitor your PC health and performance (See IT & Infrastructure Suite).
  • RedundancyMaster — Increases the reliability and availability of OPC data by allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs.
  • LinkMaster — Provides the means of linking data between OPC Servers, thus acting as a universal bridge for OPC Systems.
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Note: Support and Maintenance Agreements and Upgrade options are available for all Kepware software.
Oil and Gas Suite for KEPServerEX OPC Server