Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX

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Are your industrial control applications delivering all the data you need for proper operations assessment?

The Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX offers a convenient, cost effective, and straightforward way to generate new data and aggregate existing data into information suitable for high level archive and analysis. Through Advanced Tags, users can measure the duration of operations, totalize events, perform averages over a group of sensors, set trigger conditions for data acquisition, and combine machine conditions to generate an overall machine state. These capabilities are extremely valuable for future analytics.

Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX
Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX

Using Tag Linking, Logic, and Math Functions for Operations Analysis

Proper operations analysis requires that industrial control applications deliver an array of data. This data often needs some form of calculation to identify deficiencies and help determine whether operations are functioning properly. The Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX will help improve decisions and efficiencies in your industrial control applications. Get started now with the following easy-to-use, pre-defined tags:

Pre-Defined Linking, Logic and Math Tags:
  • Average Tag - Calculates the average value of a tag over a defined time.
  • Complex Tag - Groups multiple tags of varying data types as a single complex item or structure.
  • Link Tag - Links data between different protocols.
  • Maximum Tag - Reads and persists a tag's maximum value over a defined time.
  • Minimum Tag - Reads and persists a tag's minimum value over a defined time.
  • Oracle Cumulative Tag - Determines the difference between the current and previous values. This tag is defined by Oracle and is available to all OPC Client applications.

Derived Tags

Derived tags use basic scripting and standard Logic and Math functions to provide calculations exceeding those of pre-defined tags. They have the ability to control the frequency and conditions with which an expression will be evaluated, and also enable users to incorporate more complex equations into their applications. To aid implementation, an expression validation tool is included along with expression examples (located in the Advanced Tags help file).

Derived Tag Configuration Utility
Derived Tag Configuration Utility

Benefits of Advanced Tags

  1. Cost - Use with existing micro, nano, and less capable PLCs. There is no need to purchase expensive PLCs or PACS.
  2. Time - Consistent methodology across all hardware and software platforms. A single application configures Linking, Logic and Math functions.
  3. Performance - Reduce network traffic and improve bandwidth by reducing communications between the server and multiple client applications.
  4. Reliability - Ensure data consistency across all clients with a single data access point.
  5. Knowledge - No special PLC or HMI programming skills are required.
  6. Data Sources - Collect and manipulate data from a variety of applications and devices.
  7. Project Modification - Easily modify and configure new and existing Linking, Logic and Math functions with a straightforward user interface.

Browse KEPServerEX drivers and plug-in options for Tags
Browse KEPServerEX drivers and plug-in options for Tags

For an inexpensive operational analysis tool, consider using the Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX along with the DataLogger Plug-In and any ODBC-supported database. KEPServerEX also supports DDE connectivity, thus allowing the powers of Microsoft Excel and Advanced Tags to combine.