Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus OPC Server

Product # EX5-ABSTE-NA00 - $995.00
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The Allen-Bradley DH+ Device Driver for KEPServerEX OPC Server supports Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Family and PLC5 series PLCs. Address ranges are open to support future models of these series of PLCs.

Note: Does not require the use of a Rockwell RSLinx license.

The Allen-Bradley DH+ OPC Driver is also included in the Manufacturing Suite.

The Allen-Bradley OPC Server Suite includes:
Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus OPC Server Manual Allen-Bradley DH+ OPC Server Manual (PDF)

Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus OPC Server
Plug-in Driver Features:
  • Supports two network types, Data Highway 485 and DH+
  • Supports 6 different board types:  KT, KTX (D), PKTX (D) and PCMK/B by "Allen-Bradley" and 5136-SD-ISA and 5136-SD-PCI by "SST"
  • Supports PCI card interrupts
  • Open Address ranges
  • Allen-Bradley DF1 driver supports the USB based DF1 to DH Plus Converter: Allen-Bradley Catalog Number 1784-U2DHP

  • Allen-Bradley DH+ / DH485 (Data Highway Plus)

Application Support
Supported Devices
  • PLC 5/10
  • PLC 5/15
  • PLC 5/20
  • PLC 5/20E
  • PLC 5/25
  • PLC 5/30
  • PLC 5/40
  • PLC 5/40E
  • PLC 5/60
  • PLC 5/80
  • PLC 5/80E
  • SLC 5/01
  • SLC 5/02
  • SLC 5/03
  • SLC 5/04

KEPServerEX OPC Server

Drivers "Plug In" to KEPServerEX

The Allen-Bradley DH+ is a plug-in device driver for KEPServerEX. A "Plug-in" is a software program (.dll) that extends the capabilities of KEPServerEX to fit the communication requirements of a specific device or system. The plug-in driver handles all of the proprietary communications between the device/system and the OPC layer, KEPServerEX. The KEPServerEX core then handles all OPC and Proprietary Client communications between the plug-in driver and the Client application. For a complete list of features and capabilities please visit the KEPServerEX overview page.
  • OPC Foundation Certified: The best of OPC on the market
  • High Performance: Multi-threaded and Runtime Configurable
  • Detailed Protocol and OPC Diagnostics with communications trace
  • Native Interfaces: Client Connectivity Beyond the OPC Standards
  • Certified Stratus High Availability Computing
  • Certified Marathon High Availability Computing
  • 2 Hour Demonstration Mode on all Kepware products