Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial OPC Server

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Kepware's Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial device driver works in conjunction with our OPC / Communications Server, KEPServerEX to provide data exchange between Mettler Toledo Scales and 3rd party HMI, SCADA, Historian, and MES software packages.

The Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial OPC Driver is also included in the Manufacturing Suite.

Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial Manual Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial Manual (PDF)

Vendor Integrated Protocol
Mettler Toledo recognizes Kepware and KEPServerEX as their preferred communication company and Server for the Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Scales.

Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode 

Serial OPC Server
Plug-in Driver Features:
  • Supports Ethernet Encapsulation
  • Standard Continuous Mode Support
  • Extended Continuous Mode Support
  • Data Freshness - Set data quality to bad if not updated within (#secs)
  • Hardware Checksum Support
  • Modem Support
    • Automatic Dial Configuration
    • Multiple Phone Number Management

  • Continuous Output Mode

Application Support
Devices Standard Continuous Extended Continuous
IND780 X X
IND560 X  
IND560x X  
IND131/331 X X
IND310 X  
IND690 X  
IND226 X  
IND135 X  
Lynx X  
Panther X  
Jaguar / JagXtreme X  

Mettler Toledo Automatic Tag Database Generation

KEPServerEX with Auto-Generated Tags for a Mettler-Toledo Scale

KEPServerEX OPC Server

Drivers "Plug In" to KEPServerEX

The Mettler Toledo Continuous Mode Serial SNP is a plug-in device driver for KEPServerEX. A "Plug-in" is a software program (.dll) that extends the capabilities of KEPServerEX to fit the communication requirements of a specific device or system. The plug-in driver handles all of the proprietary communications between the device/system and the OPC layer, KEPServerEX. The KEPServerEX core then handles all OPC and Proprietary Client communications between the plug-in driver and the Client application. For a complete list of features and capabilities please visit the KEPServerEX overview page.
  • OPC Foundation Certified: The best of OPC on the market
  • High Performance: Multi-threaded and Runtime Configurable
  • Detailed Protocol and OPC Diagnostics with communications trace
  • Native Interfaces: Client Connectivity Beyond the OPC Standards
  • Certified Stratus High Availability Computing
  • Certified Marathon High Availability Computing
  • 2 Hour Demonstration Mode on all Kepware products