Modpac Plus Wireless Modem

A simple, very cost effective way of implementing remote data collection can be achieved by using three readily available commercial products; Kepware's KEPServerEX, a Panel-Tec Wireless Modem, and a Toshiba PLC.

Kepware's KEPServerEX: Kepware's KEPServerEX allows MS compliant applications to share data with a Toshiba programmable logic controller. Data can be loaded into a spreadsheet or database, then (using the applications' own tools) it can be graphed, charted, or statistically analyzed.

Panel-Tec Modpac Plus: The Panel-Tec Modpac Plus is a wireless modem. The Modpac Plus ia an RF modem which supports RF transceivers in all FCC licensed narrowband RF frequencies (VHF, UHF, and 928/950 Mhz) as well as Spread Spectrum (unlicensed) RF frequencies. The Modpac Plus has internal addressing and configuration capabilities which allows any modem to act as a data "repeater" when long distances preclude direct FR master to slave communications. The independent addressing of the Modpac Plus permits the master to communicate with up to 99 Toshiba PLCs on a single radio channel.

Toshiba PLC: The primary purpose of the Toshiba PLC is to provide local sequence control, interlocking, and permissives. However, the large number of available memory registers make it ideal to store data until it is polled by the master.

Modpac Plus Wireless Modem Diagram

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