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Enterprise Connectivity

As a production environment matures, it increases in complexity. Without a standardized, enterprise-wide approach to connectivity, data access can also become unnecessarily complex, keeping teams from making data-driven decisions. Issues with OT connectivity can also stall IIoT or Industry 4.0 projects and keep them from scaling globally.

Taking an enterprise approach to connectivity with a tool that connects to virtually any production asset can empower your team with the right data at the right time. Standardized connectivity enables a repeatable architecture that scales to connect your production equipment and applications today and in the future.


Key Benefits

Access to all Kepware Drivers and Advanced Plug-ins

With an enterprise licensing model, you have access to all Kepware Drivers and Adavnced-Plug-ins to deploy new servers, drivers, or plug-ins without needing to involve purchasing or create a purchase order. 

Simplified licensing and flexible pricing

Simplified deployment with one unlock key across all servers, and enterprise subscription pricing that scales with your deployment

Enterprise support

Access award-winning support from experts in industrial automation and connectivity

Accelerate IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives

Create a standardized, repeatable architecture that can scale across the entire organization


Case Study: Faurecia Standardized Connectivity Across Global Sites

Facing new traceability requirements across 330 sites across 34 countries, leading automotive equipment supplier Faurecia standardized on Kepware solutions across the entire organization.

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