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Episode 7: Product Managment Check In with Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin (Product Manager – Kepware Products) sits down with Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) to discuss the latest in the Kepware roadmap. Emily discusses Kepware’s vision around the future of OPC UA connectivity within Kepware, as well as Enterprise management features and Kepware’s newest driver: the Universal Device Driver (UDD). Additionally, the pair talk about the interesting position of being a small driver company  out of Portland, ME that is involved in conversations with larger technology corporations.  

Episode 6: Motors, Lasers, and the CXC with Philip Bard

Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) sits down with Philip Bard (Principal Product Experience Specialist) to discuss having the coolest job at PTC. Philip has the pleasure of working next to the Customer Experience Center team to build the extravagant demos that you see touring the center, as well as building demos for the LiveWorx events. The pair talk about what it’s like to have access to some unique resources sent to Philip’s home (laser cutters, Volvo truck engines) and how it has built an awkward relationship with his postman. Additionally, Philip gives some insight into some exciting things coming to the CXC, as well as the origins of the now famous “Motor Demo”.

Episode 5: Partnerships and "Livin' on the Edge" with Steve Sponseller

Steve “Spoons” Sponseller (Senior Director, Americas Channel) sits down with Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) to discuss the importance of partnerships throughout the years. The pair explore Kepware’s origins in the Oil and Gas industry and reflect on how leveraging partnerships was essential to penetrating the market. Additionally, the two talk about the new challenges of IoT and how Kepware Edge, along with hardware partners, can solve these challenges. 

Episode 4: Industrial Security with Michael Firstenberg of Waterfall Security Solutions

Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) sits down with Michael Firstenberg (Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions) to discuss the recent cyber attack on the Oldsmar, Florida Water/Waste Water treatment facility. The two also discuss the security challenges that come with the ever growing IoT landscape. Michael also gives his recommendations on thinking about security first during the design phase, and gives a list of resources to keep yourself and your company informed. 

Episode 3: Reflections on Authenticity & Sponsorship with Lori Beaulieu and Laurie Siroi‪s‬

It's a Lori and Laurie Takeover! In this episode, Lori Beaulieu (Technical Product Owner- Thingworx Kepware Edge, Edge Central) and Laurie Sirois (Director of Quality Assurance)  discuss their experiences as Women in the technology field, differences in communication styles, valuable lessons learned, and ways to help support women through sponsorship. 

Episode 2: OPC UA and MQTT with Tom Gaudet

Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) sits down with Tom Gaudet (Product Management Lead, Kepware Products) to discuss how the industry has adopted OPC UA and MQTT Protocols, as well as what the future of connectivity will look like. March 15, 2021 38 Min

Episode 1: Culture Driving Innovation with Adam Kennedy

Kyle Carreau (Partner Enablement Engineer) sits down with Adam Kennedy (Global Sales VP, Kepware Products) to discuss how the Kepware team has been able to continue to deliver quality products and excellent customer service throughout the years. March 8, 2021 38 min



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