Freitag, 27. September 2013

The Top 5 Advantages of Kepware's Summer Internship Program

Posted by Candace Letizia

At Kepware, we understand that talent needs time, opportunity, and support in order to develop. That’s why we’re dedicated to encouraging students to pursue an education and career in engineering. Every summer, Kepware’s Summer Internship Program gives four full-time internships to students studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science. By showing students different aspects of software engineering (such as research, specification, design, implementation, Quality Assurance (QA), and documentation), we aim to deliver a realistic glimpse into the profession. Kepware provides interns with real-life experience, professional mentoring, and a chance to learn from (and work with) some of the brightest minds in engineering. Read on to learn the top 5 reasons why Kepware’s Summer Internship Program is an unbeatable opportunity. 

1. Real-World Experience


Kepware’s summer interns gain real-world experience in software engineering. Instead of doing repetitive, boring, or trivial tasks, they complete projects that challenge their skills, advance their education, and benefit the company. Interns’ projects may be incorporated into Kepware’s commercial products or be used to support tools for customers. “I knew I wouldn’t be delivering coffee, but I didn’t expect to be working on a real product or that my code would actually be in something that was released by the company,” stated Jeff Damon, a 2013 Software Development Intern. Students leave knowing their summer was spent contributing to Kepware’s quality products and services—not wasted on insignificant tasks.

2. Academic Theory & Best Practice Application

Because Kepware follows strict coding best practices, interns have the opportunity to both utilize them firsthand and experience how they are applied in the workplace. Ian Maines, a 2013 Software Development Intern, commented “all those coding best-practices that don’t really make sense in the classroom make a whole lot of sense when developing software. I feel like I got to see a lot of the important aspects of development, like team mechanics, working with an existing code base, QA/testing, etc., that aren’t really available in an academic setting.”

3. Self-Directed & Team-Driven Components

Kepware’s Summer Internship Program has individual and team components, which include collaboration with other interns and with inter-departmental employees. Jory Reistad, a 2013 QA Intern, said “seeing the team dynamic in action, how personalities play off each other and how to effectively work in the environment, was a much needed experience.” Professionals of all industries can agree that being able to work individually and collaboratively is a valuable and necessary skill. For Kepware, teamwork among different departments is vital in producing quality products. “Developing software is a big deal, and it takes lot of dedicated and skilled people doing a lot of different things to have a successful software company,” commented Maines.

4. A Welcoming Environment

Kepware’s worked hard to create a relaxed and welcoming work environment. Its colorful, open office encourages transparency and communication, which is in sharp contrast to the grey landscapes often found in industrial companies. “The office environment and interaction was surprising, and has really erased my hesitation to consider software development as a career,” said Damon. This inviting and supportive environment emphasizes Kepware’s prized qualities of integrity, dedication, and talent. “The Automation team gave us the best instruction and direction you can get when time is a commodity,” said Reistad. Jake Daly-O’Donnell, a 2013 QA intern, added “Kepware employees are extremely friendly and made being new to the job easy.”

5. Impressive Office Perks

A summer internship at Kepware includes several perks. Its newly renovated headquarters in downtown Portland, Maine encourage exploration of local art, dining, and shopping establishments. When thirst strikes, employees are treated to free Keurig coffee and can raid a fridge stocked with seltzers, juices, and sodas. They can also personalize their workspace to suit their needs via ergonomic standing desks, multiple meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art technology. “Being able to work with knowledgeable, experienced programmers in a relaxed, easy-to-work-in office environment… it’s a hard place to beat,” commented Reistad.

Get Started

Kepware’s Summer Internship Program is a fantastic opportunity for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math students. Applicants are expected to have some experience in Computer Programming (utilizing low-level languages like C/C++) and be unafraid of hardware. Recruitment kicks off at the University of Maine Orono's Fall Engineering Job Fair. To apply to Kepware’s Summer Internship Program, please send an email with resume to