Mittwoch, 14. November 2018

Reduce Downtime and Extend Data Connectivity with KEPServerEX Version 6.6

Posted by Cam Dufty

Download a Demo of New KEPServerEX Version 6.6

Whether you are just beginning a digital transformation initiative or expanding your plant floor connectivity even further, PTC is your best partner for optimizing all of your factory assets. With today’s release of KEPServerEX® version 6.6, we are bringing even more connectivity, out-of-the-box functionality, and data visibility to users.


Today’s release includes a specific focus on connectivity for computer numeric control (CNC) machines and injection molding machines (IMMs). These updates, along with other driver and feature enhancements, will help KEPServerEX users improve productivity, efficiency, and safety across the factory.

New EUROMAP 63 Driver: Reduce Waste, Reduce Downtime, & Increase Visibility

The new KEPServerEX EUROMAP 63 driver provides unmatched out-of-the-box connectivity to machines using the EUROMAP 63 protocol, giving users immediate and reliable connectivity without costly custom development. Users will have real-time data monitoring and parameter control of EUROMAP 63-enabled IMMs, which in turn will increase their production visibility while reducing production waste and downtime.

Fanuc Focas Ethernet Driver Updates: Enhanced Data Access, Extended Tag Capabilities

KEPServerEX V6.6 also includes updates to the Fanuc Focas Ethernet driver. Users can now access significantly more data from their Fanuc CNC machines, leading to even more holistic data insights.

Learn More And Try KEPServerEX V6.6 for Yourself

Along with the new EUROMAP 63 driver and Fanuc Focas Ethernet driver updates, additional security and back-end updates contribute to the KEPServerEX solution’s reputation as the trusted industrial connectivity leader for manufacturers of all kinds. Download a demo to see how KEPServerEX V6.6 can optimize your processes and performance, and check out the release notes for more detailed information on V6.6 enhancements.  

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