Freitag, 30. August 2019

New Analyst Report: The Strategic Importance of Plant Connectivity

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Future-proofing your plant floor for the potential of industrial transformation is a top concern for controls engineers like yourself. Whether your future plant floor will include legacy assets, new equipment from various vendors, or a mix of both, a strong foundation for industrial transformation begins with a strategic approach to connectivity.


Dive into Key Research Behind Strategic vs. Ad-Hoc Connectivity

In the new Plant Data & Connectivity: Strategic Building Blocks for Industrial Transformation white paper, LNS Research discusses the strategic importance of plant connectivity and provides recommendations for a scalable industrial transformation journey. Download the full report to learn:
  • The state of the industry concerning IT-OT convergence and industrial transformation
  • The role of plant managers in strategic connectivity approaches
  • Key research behind strategic vs. ad-hoc plant connectivity
  • Technologies behind scalable connectivity
Download the report and start planning for your future plant floor today.

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