Interacting with your Technical Support Case

  • After submitting a case it can be found in the Case Viewer page, click on the Cases tab as shown below:

Search for or select the case number you wish to interact with:

  • When the case detail screen appears, you can optionally edit the Clarification Information fields.  This is not required for the case to be investigated, however additional information provided may help expedite case resolution.
    • These are description fields only and should not be used for communication.  Please use the Related Information/Communication tab to correspond with this case.
  • To provide additional information to the Technical Support Engineer (TSE), please use the Related Information/Communication tab.
Note: This is the recommended method for communicating with the TSE assigned to the case.

  • Here you will see all case comments between the TSE and the case submitter. Click New to add new information to the case.
  • Enter your comment, select the Public view option and then click Save.

Note: When the TSE replies with a comment in the case, an email notification will be sent to the contact with a link to bring you back to this page to continue corresponding with the TSE.
Adding file attachments:
  • Uploading files to your case: If you need to attach files or other data to your case file to help technical support engineers resolve your issue, select the Attach Files button to open the Attach File window, then choose the Browse button to find and select the files to add to your case file.


Note: To upload files greater than 10 MB see Transferring Data to Customer Support Using the PTC FTP Server. File names should not contain any special characters.

  • Click Continue, once the upload is complete you will be able to see that the operation has completed successfully at the bottom of the page.


Case Closure
  • Cases may be closed directly through the portal if you are able to resolve your issue and no longer require assistance from Technical Support.
  • Enter the case reason and click SAVE.
  • If a case has been closed by the TSE, you have the ability to re-open the case directly through the portal.

  • Enter the reason for re-opening the case and click SAVE.