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Is There a Limit on the Number of Characters That Can Be Used to Create Column Names in Oracle?

Last Update: 07.11.2018

Yes, there is. For the limitations according to Oracle, refer to the table below.

ComponentMaximum Size
Column Name30 Bytes
Table Name30 Bytes

When creating a table dynamically from DataLogger, the default setting will create the columns for Wide Format tables using the full item name. Periods will be replaced with underscores. For example, the item "Channel1.Device1.Tag1" would result in the column "Channel1_Device1_Tag1_value" and would be a total of 27 characters. Unfortunately, problems with the column name and character counts will not be detected when the table is created. Errors will be returned as a query failure when the DataLogger project goes into Runtime. The error "Unable to query recordset on Log Group 'KT' (Reason: 'sp_cursor: The value of the parameter 'value' is invalid')" will be returned. To resolve this error, recreate the table and edit the automatically-generated column names. Then, map the server tags to the new columns.

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