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ClientAce® Valued Customers

Last Update: 29.10.2020

Dear Valued Customers and Preferred Distributors,

This letter provides notification that PTC Kepware will begin the End-of-Life process for its ClientAce product on September 6, 2020.

This product is being discontinued due to market demand, shifts in technology and an alignment in roadmap investment to focus on Kepware’s cornerstone, connectivity. There will not be a direct replacement for ClientAce offered by PTC.  Several modern technology solutions exist in the market today as alternatives and we encourage you to explore these solutions and determine which is best-suited to your organization’s objectives.

We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news.  To facilitate the transition, we are supplying resources for assisting with the End-of-Life transition process.





End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement End-of-Life notification distributed via email to ClientAce customers and Kepware Preferred Distributors June 8, 2020
End-of-Sales (EOS) The last day to confirm new ClientAce sales Sepember 6, 2020
Reminder Notifications Notifications supplied to customers and Preferred Distributors regarding EOL process until the End-of-Life date In conjunction with Kepware New Release Communications
End-of-Life and End-of-Support The last day to receive technical support for active support & maintenance agreements. Date varies by customer. Please refer to your ClientAce support contract for details.
Product Decommissioning The date that the product will be decommissioned and no longer supported The date that follows the expiration date of the last customer support contract.

End-of-Life FAQ

Anticipated questions and concerns can be reviewed by referring to the End-of-Life FAQ documentation on Kepware’s website. Alternatively, you may contact your Kepware Preferred Distributor or Kepware Sales contact for further clarification.

Note: If you have an upcoming annual renewal, refer to the End-of-Life FAQ for important details.
We want to thank you for your loyalty as a Kepware customer and are here to assist with questions that arise throughout this process.
Warm Regards,
Abby Eon (General Manager)
General Manager, PTC Kepware
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