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Accelerate Success with Kepware Industrial Connectivity Solutions

If you’re considering industrial connectivity solutions, you need a range of options from a single source of industrial data to OPC Server solutions. Unlike other industrial tools, Kepware offers everything you need. Industry leaders turn to Kepware—enabling them to transform industrial communications from shop floor to top floor.

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Ensure success with must-have industrial connectivity solutions

Solve your most critical industrial connectivity and data access challenges with the full range of the Kepware product portfolio.

Kepware Server
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KEPServerEX solves communications challenges with industrial devices and applications, with streamlined data through a single communications platform.

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ThingWorx Kepware Server

ThingWorx Kepware Server unlocks IoT scalability for all your sensors and equipment—including legacy assets—so you can connect with confidence.

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ThingWorx Kepware Edge

ThingWorx Kepware Edge deploys valuable KEPServerEX features in Linux-based environments, enabling connectivity directly to machine, device, or sensor.

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LinkMaster easily exchanges data between OPC DA servers—bridging data between plant floors, production lines, and beyond.

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RedundancyMaster configures multiple OPC servers into redundant pairs, ensuring a continuous flow of data in the event of a loss of communication. 

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