Customer Experience

Learn why thousands of your peers use KEPServerEX to enhance data reliability, increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve performance across the enterprise.

Why Kepware?

Easy Set-Up, Reliable Performance

Owen Gynne

"It’s pretty much a fire-and-forget. You’re not going to have to be in there tweaking with stuff, there’s not a lot of maintenance you have to do on the system, and it’s pretty much ready to go.”
— Owen Gwynne, Senior Software Programmer, Teel Plastics



Derek Scansen

"With Kepware, we get the best-in-breed. We get the best driver, the most efficient, best diagnostics, and it takes away the headaches of tuning a network.”
— Derek Scansen, SCADA Automation & Measurement Manager, Newfield Exploration Company


Flexible and Powerful

Russell Treat

"We’re trying to deliver Operations excellence . . . So the fact that Kepware is very flexible and powerful really allows us to deliver our value proposition.”
— Russel Treat, President & CEO, EnerSys Corporation


Reliable Data and Support

Jeff Klump

"If I had to describe Kepware in one word, it would be ‘reliable.’ Our EFM data we deliver month after month, without even having to go back and re-collect sites or anything like that. It’s also been very easy to use. And, of course, the customer support is great.”
— Jeff Klumpp, Owner, Sirius SCADA