Customer Experience

Learn why thousands of your peers use KEPServerEX to enhance data reliability, increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve performance across the enterprise.

Why Kepware?


Derek Scansen

"With Kepware, we get the best-in-breed. We get the best driver, the most efficient, best diagnostics, and it takes away the headaches of tuning a network.”
— Derek Scansen, SCADA Automation & Measurement Manager, Newfield Exploration Company


Flexible and Powerful

Russell Treat

"We’re trying to deliver Operations excellence . . . So the fact that Kepware is very flexible and powerful really allows us to deliver our value proposition.”
— Russel Treat, President & CEO, EnerSys Corporation


Reliable Data and Support

Jeff Klump

"If I had to describe Kepware in one word, it would be ‘reliable.’ Our EFM data we deliver month after month, without even having to go back and re-collect sites or anything like that. It’s also been very easy to use. And, of course, the customer support is great.”
— Jeff Klumpp, Owner, Sirius SCADA

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