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ThingWorx Kepware Server 6.10 and KEPServerEX 6.10 Release Webinar

Connectivity to industrial automation equipment is critical to improving operational efficiency and resiliency; however, for many companies, the prospect of connecting to their myriad of factory assets (particularly trusted older equipment) is simply too daunting. Standardized, scalable industrial connectivity helps manufacturers break widely-implemented operational technology systems like MES, SCADA, PLCs and CNCs out of niche-protocol silos.

Kepware’s newest 6.10 product release features a scriptable Universal Device Driver to accelerate custom driver development, and the addition of a Yokogawa GX-Series driver.

This webinar details all of the newest updates to both KEPServerEX 6.10 and ThingWorx Kepware Server 6.10.

March 17, 2021 | 11AM ET

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Digital Transformation: Accelerating Time to Value and Unlocking Double Digit KPI Improvements at Scale

Successful IIoT deployments at scale yield double digit improvements to the key KPI’s driving those projects – things like production throughput, productivity increase, inventory levels and lead times. Adopting a financial-impact first approach, combined with standardized enterprise wide connectivity simplifies and enables deployments at scale, accelerating time to value and unlocking actionable insights across the organization.

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Enterprise Wide Connectivity: The Mission Critical Role Reliable, Standardized Enterprise Connectivity Plays in Digital Transformation

New disruptive technologies are driving digitization and Industry 4.0 and affecting every area of manufacturing environments. Technological advancements in robotics, AI, IoT, and AR are changing the way data is analyzed and visualized, creating new business opportunities. When designing and implementing large scale Industrial IoT systems, the ultimate success of implementation falls prey to bad data, speed of implementation and the total cost of the project.

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Getting Started with Enterprise Industrial Data Collection

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory initiatives promise to add incredible value to large manufacturing customers via increased productivity and reduced waste and downtime. Enterprises are eager to get started, but are also wary of the fact that many initial pilots don’t scale to deliver the promised value.

Watch this webinar replay to hear industry experts discuss how to get started with data collection that is quicker to implement and also scales to meet the connectivity needs of an entire organization.

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ThingWorx Kepware Edge Version 1.0 Release Webinar

ThingWorx Kepware Edge allows the most valuable Kepware features to be deployed directly at the site of machines, devices, or sensors. With support for Linux-based environments and tag-based pricing, the product can scale to create a distributed connectivity architecture. Machine Builders and others responsible for connecting geographically dispersed assets can use ThingWorx Kepware Edge to provide secure and reliable connectivity to local or cloud-based applications via OPC UA and MQTT. The product also features native connectivity to ThingWorx, the leading industrial IoT platform.

Watch this webcast replay to hear from Product Manager Mike Leathem and Product Marketer Jeff Bates as they introduce the key features and benefits of this new product.

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IT Technology in OT Environments: Key Trends from the Field

Operational Technology (OT) leaders continue to borrow technology, architectures, and concepts from commercial technology and IT. This enables certain advantages within an OT environment for performance, security, and cost. Join Jeff Bates, Product Marketing Director at Kepware, and Chris Misztur, Owner of Mr. IIoT as they discuss how these technologies have been deployed in operational environments, key benefits that can be derived from these technologies, and real-life success stories.

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The Building Blocks for Industrial Transformation

Recent technology innovations have made IT/OT convergence a necessity and a reality, but complexities arise from a short-term view of plant data and connectivity needs. OT users can mitigate this by working collaboratively with IT to develop an implementation plan that addresses complexities and limitations for a positive future outlook.

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KEPServerEX Version 6.7 Release Webinar

KEPServerEX version 6.7 includes enhancements to Kepware’s unique Torque Tool driver to enable direct connectivity to modern, smart tools. Manufacturers can eliminate data silos with access to torque tool data for traditional automation clients—including SCADA, Historians, and MES—and Industry 4.0 and IIoT solutions. KEPServerEX 6.7 also includes new tools for remote configuration and new security options, which allow users to more efficiently and securely deploy industrial connectivity across the enterprise.

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Remotely Configure Connectivity for Improved Security and Efficiency

Kepware teamed up with JPI Solutions for the Remotely Configure Connectivity for Improved Security and Efficiency webinar on May 16, 2019. Throughout, they explored the benefits of remote configuration capabilities for controls and SCADA engineers and discussed real-world use cases of the KEPServerEX Configuration API for faster, safer, and more robust connectivity.

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How to Secure Industrial Control Systems: Best Practices for Success

Cybersecurity attacks are among the largest threats to today’s industrial control systems (ICS). In this exclusive webinar with Red Trident Inc., Director, Product Management Jeff Bates (PTC) and Chief Technology Officer Bryan Singer (Red Trident) discussed best practices for securing an ICS.

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Industrial IoT Security - The OT Infrastructure Shift

As industrial ecosystems improve their data connectivity, IIoT security is a top concern for plant floor professionals and top floor executives alike. In a fast-paced industrial environment, some of your security questions may have remained unanswered.

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Integrate Legacy Equipment with Modern Assets

Long-serving equipment, machines and systems may be the backbone of industrial manufacturing, but many if not most were built and installed in the years before today's on-board microprocessors and Ethernet or wireless network connections were available.

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Standardized Communications Layers

Watch our webcast with CFE Media to explore how a standardized communications layer can help you improve processes, operational performance, and visibility across the enterprise.

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