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Kepware's EFM Exporter Software Gains Third-Party Validation

Kepware's EFM Exporter Software Gains Third-Party Validation

Confirmation of Flagship Product KEPServerEX v5 Functionality is Key to Custody Transfer in Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Portland, ME

4/2/2013 8:00 AM

Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, announced today that its flagship product KEPServerEX v5 has passed the functionality testing conducted in March by an internationally recognized, independent research laboratory located in San Antonio, TX. The testing focused on KEPServerEX v5's EFM Exporter functionality, which collects gas measurement custody transfer data from industry-leading flow computers and exports it into the specialized formats used in common industry measurement accounting solutions.


"The accuracy of measurement data collection is critical in the Oil and Gas Industry because it is tied to major revenue for multiple stakeholders," said Tony Paine, president and CEO of Kepware Technologies. "Passing this test is a significant milestone for us, as it provides relevant Third-Party validation of applicability of KEPServerEX for critical custody transfer natural gas applications."

The Oil and Gas Industry uses the Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data calculated and stored in flow computers as the commercial basis for the measurement of volume and energy: EFM data is the foundation of its financial transactions. KEPServerEX's EFM Exporter polls the flow computers for EFM data on user-defined intervals, and collects transactions involving the transportation of physical substances from one operator to another through a scheduled polling mechanism. It then prepares export files formatted for direct import into common industry accounting solutions or data editing software platforms.

"KEPServerEX v5 is the next generation of Kepware's communications technology, and represents more than a decade of development," said Steve Sponseller, Product Manager at Kepware Technologies. "Independent laboratory validation confirms that KEPServerEX's EFM solution is suitable for the collection of EFM data and the delivery of that data to office measurement accounting systems. (In accordance with the requirements expressed in the American Petroleum Institute's Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards; specifically, Chapter 21 - Flow Measurement using Electronic Flow Computers, Section 1 – Electronic Gas Flow Measurement [API MPMS 21.1]). It also demonstrates Kepware's commitment to support the Energy Industry as it moves forward."

For more information on KEPServerEX v5 and the operational excellence and business intelligence made possible through Kepware Technologies' advanced communications and interoperability platform, visit www.kepware.com, email sales@kepware.com, or contact a representative directly at (207) 775-1660.

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