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Kepware Unveils Customized Training Program

Kepware Unveils Customized Training Program

Hands-On Product Training Empowers Customers to Navigate the Complexities of Industrial Communications

Portland, ME

1/23/2013 8:00 AM

Kepware Technologies today announced its new hands-on training program, designed to help customers successfully set-up and operate communication systems for automation applications. Customers can schedule on-site customized classes at their facility with the Kepware training staff. In addition, courses will be offered at Kepware's Portland, Maine headquarters once a month, beginning in January 2013. This 2-day course provides seating for up to 10 attendees. Kepware is also scheduling "on-the-road" training at special events throughout the United States, and internationally in regions such as Asia and Europe. For more information—or to register—please visit Kepware Training.

Kepware's training program is designed to address the specific challenges unique to users' automation environments. Courses can be customized based on the trainees' levels of expertise, location, application, and industry requirements. The labs and training material cover core concepts, such as OPC standards, client/server communication, and connecting to a PLC or device, as well as more advanced subjects such as communication optimization and diagnostics.

"I sought training from Kepware when I inherited responsibility for their software, having no knowledge of its use. I came to them virtually ignorant, but left with the ability and confidence to configure and troubleshoot their servers at my facility," said David Bond, P.E., Electrical Engineer. "While their guest, I enjoyed kind hospitality and adept, efficient instruction from their staff. I absolutely recommend Kepware's training to anyone using their software."

Courses cover Kepware's OPC-enabled products, such as KEPServerEX®, LinkMaster and RedundancyMaster. Other topics include:

  • Optimization of client, server, and device communication
  • Debugging using the OPC Quick Client and diagnostic tools
  • Performing data analytics, linking, logging, and monitoring alarms with advanced plug-ins
  • Exploring OPC DA, .NET, and UA specifications and implementation

"Training allowed us to train our entire electrical maintenance and engineering group in a short time with a much lower cost than other methods," said Randy Gray, Control Systems Engineer. "The Kepware instructors were very knowledgeable and professional, and made the use of the OPC seem easy. Personally, I no longer hesitate to work on OPC issues, and the training has helped me to understand how OPC works and how to make different computers communicate with each other. I recommend Kepware on-site training to anyone who has a need to train people on how OPC works and how to set-up and maintain OPC machines in an industrial environment."

Kepware's premier automation solution, KEPServerEX, is specifically engineered to connect disparate devices and applications, ranging from plant control systems to enterprise information systems. The flexible and scalable software can efficiently manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications. Communications are managed through a robust platform supporting an array of open standards.

"Kepware is committed to helping our global customers solve their most difficult industrial connectivity challenges; our training program now fills this need," said Tony Paine, President and CEO of Kepware Technologies. "Listening to our customers, we realized each company faces its own unique challenges. In response, Kepware constructed its training from direct customer feedback. These new courses help our customers realize significant cost and efficiency savings through detailed product knowledge, best practices, and deployment time."

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