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SIGIT Fuels Electronic Flow Measurement With Kepware

SIGIT Fuels Electronic Flow Measurement With Kepware

Controls Leader for Petroleum Industry Provides Customers with Detailed Custody Transfer Data While Meeting Canadian Government Requirements

Portland, ME

4/24/2013 8:00 AM

Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, announced today that SIGIT Automation Inc. is solving its connectivity and communications challenges with Kepware's communications platform. KEPServerEX® will serve as the backbone to SIGIT's e-SCADA™ solution, delivering historical Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data to its custody transfer accounting systems. 

SIGIT is a privately-owned Controls and Automation company founded in 2004 that serves the Petroleum and Energy industries. They provide a complete range of electrical, instrumentation, and regulatory services, including electrical design and drafting, instrumentation and programming, project management, and field services. As a vendor-neutral company, SIGIT delivers solutions that are designed to meet customer-specific automation and control challenges.

"Our business is all about supporting customers with process-oriented methods for managing and measuring their complex petroleum, natural gas, and pipeline installation processes," said Sandy Munro, the General Manager of SIGIT Automation. "As a dedicated services company, we're helping customers manage a multitude of projects at one time. This means advanced communications across all our projects."

SIGIT initially solved its database and communication challenges through an array of different in-house systems. Their inconsistencies created several critical problems: they did not comply with Canadian government regulations, they were unable to create secure connections, and they required a highly manual process for mapping and manipulating key drivers and connections. To make matters more complicated, SIGIT's customers use flow computers, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), and devices from various manufacturers, which increases the number of applications that users had to learn, manage, and maintain.

"There were simply too many moving parts," stated Munro. "With little or no real-time visibility, we felt customer projects were at risk. Kepware gives us the data access and management necessary to ensure the successful completion of our customers' challenging petroleum and energy deployments. This creates levels of efficiency and cost-savings we didn't think possible," he concluded.

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