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Kepware Updates Communications Platform to Strengthen Support of Industry Standards and Improve Interoperability

Kepware Updates Communications Platform to Strengthen Support of Industry Standards and Improve Interoperability

KEPServerEX version 5.13 features on-demand communications and achieves ODVA compliance with significant open standard driver updates

Portland, ME

10/15/2013 8:00 AM

Today, Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, released KEPServerEX® version 5.13. The updated communications platform expands Kepware's support of industry standards, and enables improved interoperability and communications across key industries.


KEPServerEX version 5.13 features client- or user-driven on-demand communications with new Device Demand Poll functionality. This added flexibility enables users to meet the client-driven polling requirements of their application. Also included in this release, the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited Driver for KEPServerEX is now compliant with Open DeviceNetwork Association (ODVA) standards, ensuring interoperability with other Ethernet/IP-based products.

"Interoperability issues are paramount with multi-vendor products, which is why our commitment to supporting industry standards is a top priority as we continue to advance our products," said Tony Paine, President and CEO of Kepware Technologies. "With version 5.13, we improved the performance of our Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Unsolicited Driver and achieved ODVA certification."

The enhancements made to KEPServerEX's EFM Suite considerably advance its communication capabilities for the upstream and midstream Oil & Gas Industry. The EFM Exporter now supports exporting collected archive data directly to any SQL database for custom applications and analysis. Furthermore, the Fisher ROC and ROC Plus Serial drivers now support User Programs in Emerson's Fisher ROC and FloBossTM devices, which enables automatic tag generation and data access to User Defined Points.

"As regulations tighten and Oil & Gas networks span increasingly greater distances, the industry requires new and innovative approaches for collecting and communicating data," said Steve Sponseller, Product Manager of Oil & Gas Solutions at Kepware. "The value of data to the Oil & Gas Industry is growing exponentially. With version 5.13, we paid special attention to helping the industry leverage this information to make highly-informed business decisions."

For more detailed information about KEPServerEX version 5.13's other features and enhancements, please visit Kepware Technologies online or contact a representative at (207) 775-1660 or sales@kepware.com.

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