Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving Information from the "Shop Floor" to the "Top Floor"

Posted by Tony Paine

The amount of data generated within an organization continues to increase exponentially. Different personnel need access to the appropriate information so they can make the best operational and maintenance decisions for their organization. Depending on who or where you are in the organization, there may be one or more different ways of obtaining this information.

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What is needed is a single platform that connects all interested parties to the same information in a consistent, reliable and secure manner. This platform must be able to exchange information between plant equipment, IT infrastructure, control rooms and enterprise business applications like Manufacturing Execution Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning. Customers need this solution and are expecting what the industry now calls the “Enterprise Service Bus” (ESB), for “shop floor to the top floor” connectivity.

Fortunately, technology exists that can solve these connectivity challenges. Download this new whitepaper from Craig Resnick, Vice President of Consulting at ARC Advisory Group, to learn more about the growing need for a solution that bridges the information gap between the plant floor and the enterprise.

Download ARC Advisory Group Whitepaper