Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Four Advantages of Kepware Training

Posted by Joanne Bacharach

Training classes can sometimes be a gamble. You may sign up for a course without always knowing exactly what’s going to happen. You might wonder: will this provide useful information that applies to my everyday work? Will the class be engaging? Will the other attendees prove to be valuable contacts?

The Kepware Customized Training Program answers “Yes!” to all these questions and more. Read on to learn what attendees are exposed to during Kepware's training courses. iStock_000033336902Small

1. A breadth of industry knowledge

Learn terminology about OPC communications, client software, and device drivers. Figure out exactly what an “OPC server” does and why. We even cover a little bit of the IT side, such as how to set up remote connections and DCOM. And if it’s the latest and greatest technology you are interested in, you can learn how to tunnel and establish secure connections with OPC Unified Architecture (UA).

2. How Kepware’s software works

Figure out how the software is connecting to devices and getting data. Through lab exercises, quizzes, and demonstrations, we guarantee that you will walk away knowing the basics about device connections. With a “no man left behind” attitude, our trainers make sure you follow along with the exercises, and even spend one-on-one time with trainees if needed.

3. Best practices for setting up and using Kepware software

If you aren’t sure what “one channel per device” or “asynchronous communication” means, then you may be needlessly overburdening your network and adding lag to your communications. Kepware’s trainers are expert automation advisors and can guide you on how to best optimize your system for high performance.

4. A network of other professionals in your field, including Kepware employees

Kepware’s classroom is full of other industry professionals facing the same issues and asking the same questions that you are. Our class activities encourage group participation and networking. Furthermore, Kepware’s Product Managers, Technical Support Engineers, and other employees often join the training class for lunch or breaks to meet attendees and discuss the subjects that are relevant to their projects.

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