Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Keep Your Data in the Right Hands

Posted by Tucker Emerson

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Although a cheesy quote from a comic book-inspired movie, it is surprisingly relevant to the Automation Industry. As data becomes increasingly valuable, it unfortunately also becomes more vulnerable. From the number of bottles filled in a processing line to the type of soda selected at the movie theater, data is being gathered all around us to provide better analytics and enable improved business decisions. Making sure that this data stays in the appropriate hands can make all the difference.

At Kepware Technologies, we realize the data we access is vital to businesses’ success, and do not take the importance of security lightly. Our Security Policies Plug-In allows administrators to assign security permissions based on the role of the user, and is a relatively inexpensive solution—costing only a fraction of a driver.


When used in conjunction with the server’s User Manager, the Security Policies Plug-In allows you to set the permissions on individual objects like channels, devices, and tags—improving security without increasing complexity. Requiring users to log in using a username and password allows you to regulate who gets what level of access to your application.


With the industry trending towards more security-focused products and standards (for example, OPC UA), Kepware has added an additional layer to help keep your processes safe and prevent downtime.

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Interested in learning how the Security Policies Plug-In can help you meet the specific security requirements of your automated process? Click the button below to read a whitepaper by Kepware'sTony Paine that describes today's “defense-in-depth” approach to securing critical infrastructure.

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