Oct 03, 2014

Kepware’s Top 5 Growing Industries

Posted by Robert Murray

Kepware’s products span multiple different industry verticals. While product growth at Kepware has been strong across the board, I wanted to highlight our top 5 fastest growing industry segments so that you can see the breadth of industries that are taking advantage of our software solutions. Our growing presence across these industries highlights both the increasing demand in many areas for the ability to connect disparate devices and applications (ranging from plant control systems to enterprise information systems) and Kepware’s commitment to delivering quality solutions to these markets.

1. Oil & Gas5_Industries

Two and a half years ago, Kepware started developing gas Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data collection from flow computers (like ABB Totalflow, Emerson's FloBoss and ROC800 series, and Schneider's SCADAPacks). Earlier this year, with the release of KEPServerEX version 5.14, Kepware added liquid EFM support. The KEPServerEX platform can export the appropriate CFX files to FLOWCAL Version 8, which is Flow-Cal's first release with added liquid support. Both batch and historical (hourly and daily) liquid data is supported. That same Kepware server can also be configured to poll real-time monitoring and control data from the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that are placed at wellheads, compressor stations, fractionation and separation facilities, and other assets. These developments have resulted in Oil & Gas becoming Kepware’s fastest growing industry segment in 2014, with sales up by 122%.

2. Mining & Metals

Sales of Kepware’s software within the Mining & Metals space have grown by 109% since 2013. The introduction of computer technology, remote control interfaces, satellite communications, and robotics has led to greater safety, sophistication, and productivity in mining, mineral processing, smelting, and refining operations. Want an interesting read? Learn how Kepware helped Gerdau Ameristeel stop overtaxing their PLCs and manage network traffic in Gerdau Ameristeel Manages Manufacturing Operations with KEPServerEX.

3. Packaging

Filling, cartonizing, sealing, weighing, and palletizing are just some of the different types of machines that are used within the Packaging equipment space. Increasingly, packaging line automation is using PLCs and robotics—and with that, we’ve seen an increased demand for Kepware’s software to make this data available to a variety of clients. In the last year, this space has grown by 54%. So the next time you open a blisterpack of medication or uncap a beverage, remember that Kepware may have aided with the packaging of that product.

4. Transportation

As train, marine, and transit operations move towards increasingly computerized solutions, control centers must process additional data. These additional processes consume more bandwidth and need more robust solutions to support them. As evidenced by the 53% sales growth in this segment, our software fulfills a growing need in these environments for reliability and capability.

5. Automotive

Rounding out the top 5 is the 48% growth that Kepware has seen within the Automotive Industry. Automotive has been one of Kepware’s leading industries for several years now, and its continued strong growth is a testament to Kepware’s continuous product improvements and great technical support. Learn how Kepware can help automotive manufacturers meet the increased optimization needs of today's automotive environment in Patrick Gilligan's blog post, Auto Manufacturers’ Need for Speed Puts Kepware in the “Driver” Seat.

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