Friday, February 7, 2014

Make My Kepware Your Licensing Resource

Posted by Adam Kennedy

Licensing a software application should be the simplest aspect of a new installation. The last thing anyone should struggle with when deploying new software is the licensing and activation process. Sadly, this is not always the case: complicated procedures, baffling documentation, required web connectivity, and a myriad of other obstacles often challenge end users when they are simply trying to turn their software “on.”

And what about license management? How do end users effectively and efficiently manage their activations once deployed? Keeping an accurate record of software assets is essential for all businesses when it comes to crash recovery, auditing, and maintenance management. A lost license equals lost money and time—something no company can afford. 

We’ve worked hard at Kepware to ensure our customers’ licensing experience requires minimal effort. A license can be activated any time, regardless of whether the target machine for the install is connected to the Web. We’ve also created straightforward license management tools to assist our end users in tracking their important software assets. All of this can be done through our customer web portal, My Kepware.

What is My Kepware?
My Kepware is a one-stop online licensing and support resource designed to make our customers’ software experience as effortless as possible. We have provided a multitude of tools and resources in a well-organized and intuitive interface available to assist our customers 24/7. My Kepware can be found at by clicking on the “My Kepware” link on the top right-hand portion of the page.


What services are available through My Kepware?
A lot! My Kepware provides end users with the ability to activate software licenses, submit support tickets, view a product’s activation history, transfer a license, and more! All these capabilities are provided in one easy to use resource.

How do I get a My Kepware account?
If you have ever downloaded a Kepware product, chances are that you already have an account. Your login name is simply your email address. If you don’t have an account, it is quick, easy, and free to set one up. Simply click on the “Sign up” link on the top right-hand portion of the page at Then, fill out the short form and we’ll get you set up in minutes.


How can I manage my licenses through My Kepware?
Once logged in to your My Kepware account, you have the ability to expose all of your activated licenses and their attributes. First, click on the “View Activation History” link.


From there, a table will pop up listing all of your Kepware licenses by modification date. Each license will display the Activation ID number, Product ID, and current status. To make things even easier, the columns are sortable for quick inquiries. It is also possible to view the install notes by clicking the “Installation Location” link located at the bottom of the table.


The Installation Location table provides a quick view into your install notes; specifically, the designated location of the software’s deployment.


You can also expose all license data in a consolidated view by clicking on the activation code within either of the tables. Not only is this a great way to see all pertinent information for a given license, but you can also edit your install location and description notes by clicking on the “Edit Installation Location” link.


Can I request technical support through My Kepware?
Absolutely! Not only can you submit a support ticket, but you can also manage any open cases you currently have with our Technical Support team. Simply click on the “Support Tickets” link to get the ball rolling.


More to come…
As our customers know well, Kepware delivers the highest quality software experience in every aspect of our products. We believe licensing and our online tools should be a reflection of our industry-leading communication software. In fact, our KEPServerEX version 5.15 release scheduled for June 2014 will feature new enhancements to our licensing technology that will make the process even easier! Stay tuned for updates, and please feel free to provide any feedback concerning My Kepware or our licensing process in the Comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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