Feb 13, 2015

Case Study: How an SI Improved Real-Time & EFM Data Monitoring

Posted by Candace Letizia

In April 2013, Kepware released a case study featuring SIGIT Automation, a privately-owned Controls and Automation system integration company that serves the Petroleum and Energy industries. I came across it again the other day while perusing our library of case studies, and was reminded of what an interesting application story they had. Faced with challenges that ranged from data collection to interoperability, SIGIT was able to integrate KEPServerEX with their existing e-SCADA™ system to improve their real-time and EFM data monitoring. Read on for an overview of their challenges, solution, and results.

The Challenge

SIGIT offers a range of electrical, instrumentation, and regulatory services, and delivers fit-for-purpose solutions to meet customers’ specific automation and control challenges. With automated flow data monitoring and data logging crucial to the Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Pipeline industries, SIGIT's challenge was in finding a communications solution that could provide:

  • Real-time monitoring of flow computers to SIGIT's own e-SCADA™ (a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition solution)
  • Delivery of historical Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data to custody transfer applications
  • Support for flow computers, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and devices from various manufacturers
  • The flexibility and choice of a hosted or on-site solution

The Solution

After evaluating their options, SIGIT selected sigit-blog-case-studyKepware's KEPServerEX communication platform with several core components, including the ABB TotalFlow, Enron Modbus, and Fisher ROC/ ROC+ driver interfaces; OPC Data Access (OPC DA) client interface for real-time data; and the EFM Exporter for exporting historical Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data into required formats. To complete their e-SCADA solution, SIGIT chose to utilize an independent Java-based software solution called Ignition for their front end and data logging capabilities. 

The Results

Today, SIGIT is able to provide a customizable SCADA solution that meets the specific needs and requirements of their customers. Their solution:

  • Provides customers a choice between an on-site and hosted communications solution
  • Enables customers to connect with a wide variety of devices to monitor both real-time and historical EFM data from a single application
  • Complies with Canadian government regulations
  • Streamlines communications by unifying multiple protocols into a single platform
  • Reduces costs through fast project deployment
  • Enables customers at all business levels to learn and use the system easily

Learn More

Download the SIGIT case study for more on their implementation, including direct testimonials from SIGIT's General Manager, insight into their product evaluation process, screenshots from their customized e-SCADA system, and much more.

Download the SIGIT Case Study