Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inquiries, Interviews, and Recruitment at Kepware

Posted by Maia Crandall

At Kepware Technologies, “Quality in everything we do” is not only one of our core values—it’s the foundation for how we recruit and retain our esteemed employees. From application to offer letter, we strive to make your experience with us one that accurately reflects Kepware’s unique values, culture, and industry.

All of our current job openings are posted online through and our career page on LinkedIn. Candidates can peruse job descriptions and apply online through both websites. We also accept applications via mail and email. Once your resume has been submitted, you will receive an automatic response letting you know that you are being considered for the position (though this does not apply to applications submitted via LinkedIn).

The Application and Interview Process

The path to a job offer typically starts with a phone 122_Melissa-Mullen-Photography interview that is followed by onsite interviews at our company headquarters located in Portland, Maine. Typically, the last step involves getting candidates out of the office environment for a casual lunch or dinner with the hiring team.

During interviews, you can expect to hear a lot about our culture and to answer questions not just about your background, but also about how you make decisions, solve problems, and plan to be collaborative in your new role. We also want to make sure you have the experience necessary to be successful here. Kepware is a technical company with many technical roles; however, we believe that if candidates with non-technical backgrounds are the right fit, our training program can get them up to speed.

At Kepware, collaboration and open communication are of the upmost importance. For this reason—and to give you a sense of what working at Kepware is really like—some of your interviewers will be potential teammates and others will come from various departments across the company. We think this experience gives you a more holistic view of Kepware, and helps us see how you might collaborate and work with other teams. In line with this practice, we hold ourselves accountable in maintaining open communications throughout the interview process and beyond, and encourage applicants to follow up with questions and to reach out at any point in the process for a status update.

The Job Offer and Beyond

A candidate who is determined to be a great fit for Kepware will receive a phone call from the hiring manager along with a verbal offer. We then follow up with a formal written offer letter via email. But we care as much about Kepware being a good fit for the candidate as we do about the candidate being the right person for us. For that reason, conversations often do not end with the offer letter. The department manager is available to answer any questions the candidate may still have about the position; HR team members are available to discuss benefits and salary details. We understand how difficult a decision it can be to start at a new company, and strive to help candidates make as informed decisions as possible.

Kepware Culture and Connecting

As a hiring manager, I’m interested in hearing from you. First, watch our Corporate Overview Video to learn more about our office culture that inspires our software solutions. Then, use the comment field below to ask any questions you may have about our recruitment and interview process. I hope to connect with you soon!

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