Friday, June 3, 2016

Top 5 Questions about Purchasing KEPServerEX

Posted by Travis Hamilton

As a member of the Sales Team here at Kepware, I’m often the first point of contact with our customers. It's fascinating to hear about the countless ways people are using Kepware products, and rewarding to help solve their challenges and answer their questions. There's one question in particular that comes up frequently and in various forms: How is KEPServerEX licensed and what does it cost?

To help shed some light on this, I have picked the top five common questions that the Sales Team receives on this topic. Read on to see the questions and their answers below.

Q. What is the cost of KEPServerEX?081A4832.jpg

A. There is no specific line item or cost associated with KEPServerEX when making a purchase. KEPServerEX is sold “à la carte” based on the different drivers and advanced plug-ins needed to establish the desired communications–these are what determine the price.

Q. Are KEPServerEX products sold with device or tag limitations?

A. The majority of our products are not sold with a limit. There are, however, a handful of products that are sold on a tiered basis as it relates to device or tag count. Please feel free to contact the Sales Team if you need help identifying those products; you can also find tier information on our website.

Q. Once I purchase a KEPServerEX product, how long does the associated license last?

A. Kepware products are currently licensed on a permanent basis, meaning once you have acquired the license with the initial product purchase, you do not have to purchase it again for it to continue to operate.

Q. Is support and maintenance required when we purchase a KEPServerEX product?

A. While a Support & Maintenance Agreement is not currently mandatory, it is strongly encouraged as it provides you with on-going access to our Technical Support team and upgrades to the latest version of the KEPServerEX connectivity platform (generally released three times a year).

Q. If I have more than one KEPServerEX in my system architecture, how many product licenses do I need?

A. KEPServerEX products are licensed on a per server basis; each server would need its own license. As an example, if you had two servers that needed to utilize our Allen-Bradley Suite, you would need to purchase two Allen-Bradley Suite product licenses—one for each instance of KEPServerEX.

I hope you have found this information useful; perhaps I have even been able to answer a question or two! If you would like more information on a question that was discussed, please feel free to contact the Sales Team at +1 (207) 755-1660 x208. If you have a specific question on pricing or licensing that was not addressedor if you would like to share your idea for future improvements—leave me a comment below. Kepware always has an eye on product improvement, and licensing is one of the areas that we are striving to improve upon to meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our customers. We value your input, and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.