Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Behind the Code of KEPServerEX Version 6.4

Posted by David Dumais

Download a Free Demo of KEPServerEX Version 6.4

KEPServerEX® version 6.4 expands interoperability with a new MQTT Client driver, enhanced system functionality, and new performance features. 

As with every KEPServerEX release, our developers spent a lot of time figuring out what users need and how to build solutions that meet those needs todayand into the future. For this product release blog post, we're showcasing the strategic development  behind the functionality.

We talked to three Kepware software professionals about what they worked on and their goals for this release. Watch the videos below to learn about how the teams at PTC Kepware created KEPServerEX version 6.4 to optimize your industrial automation and help you overcome data connectivity challenges. 

New MQTT Client Driver


"Many manufacturers have had their machine for 20 years, 30 years and they don't have all these smart temperature sensors or other vibration sensors. Now, with the new MQTT Client driver, they can take new sensors and pretty cheaply attach them to whatever they want and get that data into their HMI and SCADA system." - Ben Macri, Principal Software Engineer

Store and Forward for ThingWorx Native Connectivity


"Our goal with store and forward was really simple: save that data if anything happens to the network connection. And when that connection comes back, forward that data along, so the user can be confident that nothing was lost." - Mark Westover, Senior Software Quality Engineer

CODESYS Ethernet Driver Tag Browsing


"For 6.4 we've added CODESYS tag browsing that enables the user to look into the device and filter the tags they want, without actually bringing all of those tags into the server. And this also works with the API, so you can build programmatic filters within the API to deselect the things you don't want and select the things you do want and bring those tags in." - Mike Leathem, Senior Applications Engineer 

Learn More

The videos above highlight the flashiest updates included in KEPServerEX version 6.4—but there are plenty of other enhancements, including some performance updates to our Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet driver. Read the KEPServerEX version 6.4 press release and release notes for full details. And don't forget to register for the “KEPServerEX Version 6.4 Release Webinar,” taking place on Thursday, December 21. During the webinar, Senior Applications Engineer Mike Leathem (of CODESYS tag browsing video fame) will walk through the release and provide demonstrations of all the features, enhancements, and updates available in KEPServerEX version 6.4. 

Download a free trial of version 6.4 to explore the updates for yourself, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.