Thursday, June 8, 2017

Streamline Connectivity & Device Interoperability with KEPServerEX V6.2

Posted by Jeff Bates

On April 8, KEPServerEX® version 6.1 hit the market—with updates and features built to meet your evolving industrial connectivity needs. Today’s release of KEPServerEX version 6.2 furthers these enhancements with new functionality for the CODESYS Ethernet driver, a new TIA Portal Exporter utility, Configuration API support for the EFM Exporter, improved interoperability with the ThingWorx® IoT Platform, and updates to more than 19 other server components, drivers, and advanced plug-ins.

Version 6.2 broadens the already expansive portfolio of devices to which KEPServerEX can connect—and provides new tools so that connecting those devices to diverse applications is easier and quicker than ever before. You can learn about version 6.2's key features below; for more in-depth information please attend the "KEPServerEX Version 6.2 Release Webinar" on June 14 at 10:00 AM EDT.

CODESYS V3 Connectivity 

CODESYS logo KEPServerEX V3 and V2.3 connectivity

The CODESYS Ethernet driver has been updated to provide additional device connectivity and increased functionality. The driver now supports real-time read/write data access to devices running CODESYS V3 via Gateway or Asynchronous Real-Time Interface (ARTI).

By supporting both Gateway and ARTI connections, the CODESYS Ethernet driver gives users the ability to connect to their devices regardless of configuration. While other options for connectivity to devices running CODESYS exist, the CODESYS Ethernet driver for KEPServerEX is the most stable and performant.

Configuration API Support for the EFM Exporter

Configuration API for EFM Exporter
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KEPServerEX V6.2 enables users with third-party applications—such as SCADA, HMI, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and simple web applications—to remotely make RESTful calls into KEPServerEX and configure programmatic changes to the EFM Exporter.

This new Configuration API capability is especially relevant to Oil & Gas users, who often rely on the EFM Exporter to extract data from flow computers. Among other benefits, this functionality enables users to create templates and increase remote project security via user-level access parameters.


New TIA Portal Exporter Utility

TIA Portal Exporter Utility screenshot
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The new TIA Portal Exporter utility available in KEPServerEX V6.2 enables users to upload their TIA Portal projects, select the specific tags that they need for their KEPServerEX projects, and export a file containing those tags. This file can then be uploaded to the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet driver for KEPServerEX, providing users with immediate access to their data and automatic tag generation for their projects. 



Enhanced ThingWorx Integration

ThingWorx integration with KEPServerEX V6.2 screenshot
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Customers using KEPServerEX with ThingWorx can now quickly and easily access industrial data in augmented reality experiences, machine learning models, mashups, and other ThingWorx tools.

In conjunction with ThingWorx 8, KEPServerEX V6.2 users can easily access all of their KEPServerEX data, quickly associate that data with things, and seamlessly view mapping and critical diagnostic information.


Learn More

Attend the “KEPServerEX Version 6.2 Release Webinar” on June 14 to see a demonstration of the features, enhancements, and updates available in this release. Download a free trial of version 6.2 to explore the updates for yourself, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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