Oct 17, 2018

Connect, Configure and Create: Free Trial of KEPServerEX & Controls Advisor App

Posted by Cam Dufty

Download Free Trial of KEPServerEX &
ThingWorx Controls Advisor App

KEPServerEX is the market-leading connectivity solution that provides a single source of industrial data to all your applications. The KEPServerEX free demo has been downloaded by thousands of professionals like yourself—but if you’ve been waiting to try it out, there’s no better time: we’re now offering a KEPServerEX trial preconfigured with the ThingWorx Controls Advisor App (limited to North American users).

manufacturing_appsDefault_GuideImageThis enhanced free demo will give you full access to KEPServerEX and the Controls Advisor App for 120 days (after 120 days, you can continue using the KEPServerEX demo but the Controls Advisor App will no longer be accessible). Both industrial IoT-ready solutions, KEPServerEX and Controls Advisor App together will give you even more data visibility, including in-depth project modeling capabilities and customizable data management for streamlining and optimizing your plant floor productivity and performance.

Increase Data, Decrease Downtime

The KEPServerEX and Controls Advisor App free trial will enable you to remotely monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot machine connectivity in real time. By downloading this demo, you’ll be able to:

  • Prevent unplanned downtime by remotely visualizing, monitoring, and troubleshooting industrial data and machine connectivity in real time
  • Improve failure understanding and prevention, using in-depth data trending
  • Access aggregated, real-time data from all devices and machines—regardless of the protocol, brand, type, location or age of device

Improve Data Reliability, Enhance Decision-Making

With KEPServerEX and the Controls Advisor App, you’ll have more access to more data from more assets than ever before. You’ll be able to:

  • Reduce data interruptions and prevent data loss by optimizing connectivity between systems and servers
  • Create custom alerts triggered by data or connectivity errors, such as when a PLC or device stops communicating
  • Improve executive-level decision making with real-time insights into factory performance

As always, this demo of KEPServerEX runs for 2 hours at a time, and the demo period can be repeated by stopping and starting the application. There are no other restrictions—channel, device and tag counts are unlimited.

Visit the demo download page and fill in your information to get started. After filling out the form, North American users will be able to choose between downloading KEPServerEX preconfigured with the Controls Advisor App and KEPServerEX without the Controls Advisor App. Download today to start connecting, configuring and creating an optimized plant floor.

Download Free Trial of KEPServerEX &
ThingWorx Controls Advisor App