Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oceans of Data Left Adrift—Until Now

Posted by Cam Dufty

Rowan Companies (Rowan) is a global provider of offshore contract drilling services. It includes four ultra-deepwater drillships and 25 jack-up rigs, deployed in oceans around the world. For more than 90 years, Rowan has provided safe, reliable and efficient drilling services.

But Rowan’s offshore drillships are often in remote locations, where intermittent satellite connectivity—along with network latency and bandwidth issues—make communication with onshore support very difficult. Upcoming regulatory changes further emphasized the need for Rowan to improve their data streaming and connectivity strategy.


Read the new Kepware case study to learn how Rowan implemented Hortonworks and Kepware solutions on its first drillship in less than 90 days, utilizing 3,200 tags and 50 kilobytes of bandwidth. The resulting benefits include:

  • Secure and reliable data transfer from offshore to onshore teams
  • Real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, diagnostics and performance measurement of rigs—regardless of location
  • Broad scalability for future deployments

Download the case study to learn how Rowan is using Kepware to turn connectivity challenges into operations opportunities.

Download Case Study