Thursday, April 4, 2019

Considerations for Securing Your Newly-Connected Industrial Ecosystem

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Modern manufacturers reap the benefits of industrial connectivity for greater data accessibility, which ultimately leads to improved visibility, smarter decision-making, simpler data analysis, and continued scalability. However, in newly-connected industrial ecosystems, integrated data also creates a need for better security.
As discussed in the Kepware white paper, More Data, More Sources, More Problems, poor security could turn availability into vulnerability. In other words: If your data has never been connected before, there are risks to consider. Top among them is data interception by a malicious actor: the consequences of which should be a major concern for any enterprise player—be they from the plant floor or the top floor.
Concerns about secure data connectivity are valid ones—that’s why Kepware provides accessible resources that are designed to help industrial professionals like you sort through your security questions and options.


Making Secure Data Connectivity a Priority

In fast-paced industrial ecosystems, improved security requires enterprise-wide dedication. To learn more about your role in enhancing Internet of Things (IoT) security and the collaborative effort it requires, download the white paper, Shared Responsibility: IoT Cyber Safety & Security. Throughout, you’ll learn about the top security risks and resulting consequences facing industrial ecosystems today, including self-inflicted threats to your industrial environment and more.
For topics as elaborate as security, resources that convey this complexity while offering expert insights are particularly valuable. That’s why Kepware teamed up with IndustryWeek to create Close the ICS Security Gap & Open the Doors to IoT Success, an interactive guide for industrial professionals. Experience the guide to learn more about Industrial Control System (ICS) threats related to malware, ransomware, and PLC worms, the potential consequences of a breach, best practices to consider, and more.

Enjoying Peace of Mind with Industrial Connectivity

With peace of mind about secure data connectivity and reliable tech support through Kepware, you’ll be able to focus on maximizing industrial connectivity solutions for an enterprise-wide transformation, including benefits such as:
  • Simpler data access
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • Better-informed decision-making
  • Streamlined plant floor and improved operational efficiency
  • Decreased costs and increased ROI
  • And more!
To learn more about how industrial connectivity solution KEPServerEX addresses security and other connectivity-related challenges, read Kepware’s Secure KEPServerEX Deployment guide.
For even more insight into ensuring secure data connectivity across your plant floor, download the Kepware More Data, More Sources, More Problems white paper.

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