Friday, January 11, 2019

Getting More from Your Machines

Posted by Cam Dufty

The need for industrial data connectivity isn’t new. Before today’s IoT-based data connectivity initiatives, manufacturers created their own ways to get the data they needed. They recognized the value of data and gathered that data using any workaround they could.

Unfortunately, these often cumbersome, difficult workarounds easily became siloed. Fast-forwarding from those old techniques to today, it is now simple and inexpensive to add data connectivity and IoT to even the oldest legacy machines. Industrial ecosystems are more connected than ever before, and the resulting unprecedented data visibility is changing manufacturing operations around the world. So, while those old workarounds for connecting industrial assets to pull more data were great at the time—today, they’re just not enough.

Working without Workarounds

Workarounds for collecting industrial automation data are being replaced by new best-of-breed, single-source solutions that can connect, manage, monitor, and integrate diverse automation devices and software applications. But when many industrial professionals hear the word “new,” they are automatically skeptical. And it makes sense—new tools usually interrupt reliable processes or even cause downtime. The result? Cumbersome workarounds remain, while opportunities to increase productivity are lost.

The new Kepware ebook, Improve without Change: Extending Your Industrial Assets to Do More with What You Have, shows how new technology is transforming data accessibility—without interrupting processes or requiring new equipment. Download a copy to learn what you can do today to eliminate workarounds while elevating productivity.

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