Thursday, October 10, 2019

How to Standardize on Open Connectivity for Vendor Flexibility and Future-Proof Data

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Industrial environments are constantly evolving. With a growing base of new and legacy assets, controls engineers must find a way to implement connectivity—and quickly. This urgency often results in a rushed, proprietary connectivity implementation. Before long, plant floors become “locked in” with one particular vendor—risking greater expenses, lower-quality products, and more difficult change management down the road.


Leveraging Standardized Connectivity for Greater Vendor Flexibility—and More

Vendor lock-in doesn’t have to be inevitable—and today’s connectivity shouldn’t complicate tomorrow’s initiatives. Read the new Kepware infographic, Breaking Out of Vendor Lock-In with Standardized Connectivity, to learn how standardized connectivity can help you follow the path out of vendor lock-in for good. Throughout, you’ll discover:
  • Why enterprises like yours become “locked in” with a certain vendor
  • How standardization through an open data connectivity solution provides the foundation for future digital transformation
  • How KEPServerEX helps free controls engineers from vendor lock-in
  • And more!
View the infographic to start your journey out of vendor lock-in today.

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