Friday, July 19, 2019

Learning from the Business Values of Connectivity to Machines

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

You’ve heard the benefits of integrated machine connectivity: actionable data for enterprise-wide visibility and better-informed decision-making, along with the needed insights to lay the groundwork for full digital transformation. But implementing that connectivity can be daunting.


New Research: Learn from Your Peers’ Approach to Connectivity

Technology research and advisory firm ARC Advisory Group asked your peers across manufacturing how they are approaching machine connectivity, including which metrics they use to determine value, the impacts and payoffs of machine connectivity, and more.
In their new market report, ARC analyzes the comprehensive survey results. Throughout, ARC discusses:
  • The role of machine connectivity in the digital transformation journey
  • Dynamics, impacts, and payoffs behind machine connectivity
  • Recommendations for effective machine connectivity
  • Additional interview insights
Better understand the value and industry-wide strategies behind machine connectivity: download ARC’s How Digital Transformation Is Changing the Business Value of Connectivity to Machines today.

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