Thursday, January 24, 2019

New Video: Is Your In-House IT Team Prepared to Build (and Maximize) IoT?

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Manufacturers are no strangers to gathering data. Efficiently interpreting and using that data on a long-term basis, however, is less familiar—even for the most skilled, competent teams.

Addressing Common Questions About In-House IoT

With years of experience streamlining and modernizing manufacturing plant floors, PTC also has years of insight into common roadblocks to IoT implementation. In our new video, “Three Questions to Ask Before Building In-House IoT,” we break down common challenges of going it alone—and solutions that safeguard and simplify industrial IoT solutions. Watch this two-minute video and consider dos and don’ts, decision-making guidance, and advice for all things industrial IoT—whether it’s bought or built in house.