Friday, March 22, 2019

New White Paper: Streamline Data Access for a Fully-Transformed Industrial Control System

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Today’s Industrial Control System (ICS) must create new, complex products amidst old, persistent problems. Without access to properly connected machines, devices, and applications, industrial professionals find themselves lacking in other areas—namely interoperability, functionality, scalability, and security. Any one of these deficiencies can prove an issue—though when combined, they pose a larger roadblock to overall operational efficiency.

In a new white paper, More Data, More Sources, More Problems, Kepware breaks down the different elements of the modern ICS and common challenges it faces, explores top threats plaguing the Automation Industry, and presents the benefits of industrial connectivity solutions powered by Kepware. Throughout, you’ll learn how KEPServerEX: 

  • Facilitates optimal data connectivity to conquer larger ICS issues related to hardware, software, infrastructure, employees, and environment
  • Standardizes on a communications layer for streamlined data access, analysis, and actionability
  • Provides a dependable, low-maintenance solution for smarter decision-making and sustainable success
Download your copy of the More Data, More Sources, More Problems white paper and launch a full digital transformation across your ICS today.

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