Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Standardized Communications Layers: Better-Connected Data, Improved Plant Floor Performance

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Industrial environments are standardizing on communications layers to streamline connectivity, access and scale data, and improve insights across the enterprise. With standardized communications layers, players from the plant floor to the top floor can harness data from all industrial devices and business applications—through a single, secure source.
Throughout our webinar, The Benefits of a Standardized Communications Layer, experts from PTC and CFE Media explored a variety of data communications challenges and common questions surrounding them. How can users implement data redundancy and scan rate in a standardized communications layer? Which controllers, protocols, and software can a standardized communications layer help integrate—and is it done securely? How does standardizing on a communications layer support different architectures and applications?

Hear the Answers

In the webinar, PTC’s Senior Applications Engineer Philip Bard and Applications Engineer Manager Sam Elsner sat down with CFE Media’s Senior Contributing Editor, Kevin Parker to:
  • Explore data communication challenges that industrial ecosystems face today
  • Break down common features associated with communication layers
  • Discuss how standardized connectivity helps industrial environments access scalable data for a future-proofed ecosystem
Access a full recording and listen in on the discussion today.

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