Monday, August 19, 2019

Strategic Connectivity Approaches for a Future-Proof Plant Floor

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

When it comes to preparing your plant floor for digital transformation, IoT-ready connectivity is the foundational step. But given the ever-evolving nature of today’s industrial ecosystem, it is often overwhelming to consider preparing for the future. A one-off or “reactive” approach to connectivity might seem like the least disruptive route—however, such an approach can have unforeseen, long-term consequences that may be too late to correct once you realize them.


Key Considerations for Your Future Plant Floor

The time to future-proof your plant floor for digital transformation is now—and an ill-prepared connectivity implementation could do more harm than good. In the new Kepware eBook, 5 Change-Management Challenges of Your Future Plant Floor, you’ll learn:
  • Considerations and strategic approaches to common change-management challenges
  • Ways to build a successful, long-term change-management strategy
  • How to ensure a secure, scalable future plant floor 
Download the eBook to start your future-proofing journey today.

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