Tuesday, April 2, 2019

What Can Connectivity Do for Your Plant Floor?

Posted by Claire Cavanaugh

Data connectivity solutions such as KEPServerEX give industrial professionals more power over their data than ever. Most plant floors understand connectivity-related challenges, but don’t always realize connectivity benefits that go beyond better data availability.
Here are three benefits we see beyond accessibility when customers incorporate a single source of data connectivity with KEPServerEX.


1. Access Integrated Data with Industrial Connectivity Solutions

Siloed, stagnant, and inaccessible data presents a serious roadblock to key plant floor priorities, preventing enterprise-wide visibility, postponing key decision-making, and delaying notice of production changes.
Manufacturers like you know the plant floor is most efficient when decisions are driven by data-backed insights. And these insights are at their most valuable when machines are connected.
To learn more about maximizing each plant floor asset for optimal data accessibility, download the Kepware white paper, Merging Legacy Equipment with the Industrial Internet of Things: Three Approaches for Integrated Data. 

2. Interpret Real-Time Insights through Intuitive IoT Platforms

With a single-source connectivity solution, you gain the ability to view intuitively-presented, integrated data from smart, connected products and operations across the enterprise. This enables immediate insights, and real-time plant floor improvements.
The PTC video Three Ways to Improve Operational Performance in Real-Time explores the benefits of real-time alerts for transformed operational performance and improved market agility. Watch today to learn more about how real-time alerts could factor into your IoT journey.

3. Build the Groundwork for a Full Digital Transformation

Industrial connectivity solutions enable IoT-ready assets for an enterprise-wide digital transformation, which can be broken down into a three-step process: integrating data with industrial connectivity solutions such as KEPServerEX, accessing more easily-analyzed data, and acting on better-informed predictions. As the first key step of this transformation, industrial connectivity sets the foundation for more powerful data.
Through the new Kepware white paper, Integrate, Analyze, Act: Three Steps to Make Your Data More Powerful, you’ll take a deep dive into the benefits of industrial connectivity for a transformed, IoT-ready plant floor. Download the paper to launch your initiative for more powerful data today.
What can connectivity do for your plant floor? Visit the KEPServerEX product page to learn more about the solution and download a free demo today.

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