Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Whitepaper: Next-Gen IT/OT Convergence

Posted by Mindy (Hart) Hayes

The goal of a successful digital transformation is integrating IT and OT to drive business value, but it also comes down to the people and workflows involved. People are a key data source in the decision-making process, but their buy-in is also crucial for a smooth and successful digital transformation.Not to mention the effort it takes to overhaul or reconfigure an existing workflow.

Every process is subject to analysis and adjustments as physical and digital technologies are merged in order to optimize equipment efficiency and business efficacy.

Check out the newest whitepaper showing how these trends from the field are great indicators of the evolution of IIoT and the role of digital transformation in modern manufacturing. Just as technology advances with each shift in the manufacturing industry, so must the industry adapt to technological improvements.

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