Monday, March 29, 2021

State of Industrial Digital Transformation 2021 Report

9 out of 10 industrial companies are on a digital transformation (DX) journey, and the success of their journeys depends on several factors, such as leadership and maturity. This report, published by PTC’s Craig Melrose and Dave Immerman, combines survey data, analysis, and lessons learned from real-world DX programs to give us the full scope of its transformational value and impact.

Summary - PTC surveyed over 360 manufacturers across the globe and from a variety of discrete and process industries to form a 'State of Industrial Digital Transformation. This data-driven report uncovers the accelerating adoption of digital transformation strategies and provides a benchmark for manufacturers to evaluate their own DX programs against and leverage strategic guidance for successful DX projects.

Why Read It? –  The proprietary data-driven research report uncovers the increasing use of digital technologies, dives into the three stages of a DX project strategy (planning, piloting, and rollout) and provides an actionable roadmap for companies to be successful in every stage of digital transformation.

Key Findings:

  • DX is an inescapable topic for manufacturers and is listed as a top-of-mind strategic priority for them 92% of manufacturers have already started their DX journeys with a sizable portion (41%) having already rolled out use cases into production environments.  
  • The importance of these digital projects has escalated its visibility to the CxO level, where 91% of projects lead the strategy and 88% have formal budget ownership. Ensuring this C-level commitment is important to form an organization-wide DX strategy and to overcome traditional pitfall phenomena.
  • There's a near balance across three themes manufacturers cite for their DX goals: cost, growth, and customer experience. While many begin with cost saving initiatives, the strong responses in growth and experience-related goals, speaks to the transformational impact digital can have across the value chain and widespread achievable value.  
  • DX maturity looks a bit different based on 'who you are' meaning your region and industry. North American manufacturing respondents reported more mature DX programs then their APAC and EU counterparts while Industrial product manufacturers reported higher levels of maturity then the six other industries analyzed.
  • Where companies are in their DX journey determines priorities and challenges. Specifically, whether they are in the planning, piloting, or rollout stage of DX dictates what they value.  
Key Message – Manufacturers are at different stages of their digital transformation journey. This report provides a maturity benchmark to measure against these stages and actionable strategic guidance to persevere over common DX pitfalls and achieve measurable business impact at speed and scale.

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