Wednesday, May 19, 2021

ThingWorx Kepware Edge® Version 1.3 is now available. 


ThingWorx Kepware Edge allows the most valuable features of KEPServerEX to be deployed in Linux-based environments, enabling connectivity directly at the site of the machine, device, or sensor. The product utilizes secure, efficient, and IoT-ready protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT to connect to local, remote, and cloud-based applications or platforms. ThingWorx Kepware Edge offers flexible deployment of valuable Kepware functionality for improved connectivity to geographically distributed devices and machines. 

ThingWorx Kepware Edge Version 1.3 provided updates to the Configuration, improved the OPCUA and IoT Gateway Interfaces and added new licensing features to the Server Runtime. In addition, continuous improvements were made to the Configuration API and Security Updates we are also made in this latest release. 

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