Friday, July 9, 2021

ThingWorx Kepware Server - Enterprise Wide Connectivity

One License Provides Access to all Kepware Drivers and Advanced Plug-Ins

Complex Connectivity Environments

As a production environment matures, it increases in complexity. Without a standardized, enterprise-wide approach to connectivity, data access can also become unnecessarily complex, keeping teams from making data-driven decisions. 

Complex environments can also cost more to maintain, pose security risks, and require additional resources to troubleshoot unexpected downtime, manage license and support agreements, or extend connectivity to unconnected devices. 

Taking an enterprise approach to connectivity with a tool that connects to virtually any production asset can empower your team with the right data at the right time.  

Standardized connectivity enables a repeatable architecture that scales to connect your production equipment and applications today and in the future. 

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Industry 4.0 Projects 

If your team is taking on new digital transformation initiatives like IIoT; complex environments across multiple locations with ad-hoc connectivity and siloed data are difficult to scale and prove to be one of the biggest challenges to success.  
Designed for IIoT scalability, ThingWorx Kepware Server provides standardized, industrial connectivity across all locations that is cost-effective, easy to implement, and supports a wide depth and breadth of disparate assets.  

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