Friday, March 25, 2022

IntegrateLive! Features Kepware at Inaugural Workshop

Posted by Kyle Carreau


IntegrateLive! is a collaborative effort focused on bringing together changemakers in automation in order to add value to the community. Aligning integrators, vendors, and end users that share the common threads of transparency and humility provides us the opportunity to integrate an ecosystem of solutions that helps to solve the problems we all face. Kepware was thrilled to have Kyle Carreau, Partner Success Manager, represent us at the inaugural installment of IntegrateLive! Here’s his take on the experience:
By now, most companies have recognized the value of digital transformation. Our customers are now asking questions like: “How do we implement this?”, “What technology stack should we be using?”, and “Who can we discuss our strategy with?  The interesting thing about the Industrial Automation industry is that no single vendor can fully solve the challenges brought on by digital transformation. To give customers the best experience, it is necessary for Automation vendors to have healthy partnerships and develop an effective ecosystem. 

Take Kepware for example; while we solve arguably the most critical piece of digital transformation – data collection/protocol translation – our software by itself will not help customers reduce their downtime, improve their productivity, or predict maintenance issues. For our customers to be successful, we must validate that other vendors in our ecosystem (IoT applications, analytics platforms, databases, machine learning platforms, SCADA systems, HMIs, etc.) have secure and reliable access to the data that we expose from industrial devices. 

This is exactly why the first session of IntegrateLive! was such a success. Jeff Knepper and Allen Ray – the founders of IntegrateLive! – know the value of the vendor ecosystem, and the importance of transparency, service, and humility to the community. During the inaugural installment of IntegrateLive!, the three participating vendors (Kepware, HiveMQ, and CanaryLabs) built a solution in real time, while Vertech (a System Integrator) provided technical and business oriented comments. But the solution itself wasn’t the highlight of the discussion. No, the refreshing distinction was the open and collaborative approach. The vendors were direct about challenges they can and cannot solve, open about pricing options, and willing to promote the other technologies in the stack. Jeff and Allen have successfully created a community with a focus on helping each other be successful. Personally, I think these guys are on to something here and I am excited to be a part of this community moving forward. 
Missed IntegrateLive!? Watch the recording here.